The Lifepreneur Project Podcast – Celebrating 1 Year


I’m celebrating one year since I started my podcast, The Lifepreneur Project!

It definitely feels like it’s been longer, but I think it’s because so much in my personal life has changed. The podcast is like an evolution of my own life journey. Each guest provided me with the insight I needed at the time. I didn’t realize I was attracting the people I needed at different points. Listening to certain episodes has been a blast from the past.


Feed Your Mind with Personal Development

Personal growth is really important to me. I’m a self-help, mindset-is-everything junkie. I run my business by continuously taking in content that helps me stay up-to-date with technology, marketing techniques, and entrepreneurial stories.

I also birthed a baby with no drugs or any prior birthing classes—but that’s an entirely different story. 

My point is, what you feed your mind really makes an impact on all parts of your life. 

Mindset is everything. When you become aware of your actions or feelings, you can decide to stay stuck or do something about it. 


The Lifepreneur Project Podcast Creates Open Conversations

In The Lifepreneur Project podcast, I have conversations with leaders who share their struggles and how they came out of it.

Getting help is difficult for people because it makes a new reality that much more real, whether that’s finally hiring a stylist to help you shop, finding a business coach to whip your career back into shape, or working with a therapist to help you get to the root of your worries.

I’ve created this space in hopes that these open conversations make you feel like you belong, and help remind you nothing is permanent, and that there is light everywhere.


Why I Started The Lifepreneur Project Podcast

Starting a podcast was on my heart for a while.

After my best friend Karm passed away in May of 2018, I missed our honest conversations, her laugh, learning from her, and just everything about our friendship. Making friends as an adult and as a business owner who works with a small team has been interesting.

I’m part introvert, part extrovert and I geek out on topics about business and marketing. I wanted to create a podcast where I could have conversations with leaders that are making a difference by making this world a better place and creating change. 

I have conversations with business owners or creators because they are a special kind of people. They are the big risk takers. They stand up when others sit, and they share ideas that others don’t believe in. They use rejection as a chance to practice resilience. I connect to this mentality, and I think a lot of my listeners do, too.

We are different. We don’t want to blend in with the crowd. We have something to say. We have people to help and want to be that light.

The best part of starting The Lifepreneur Project? In the past year, I’ve made tons of new friends and mentors.

Below are some stand-out episodes you may enjoy.


The Most Memorable Podcast on The Lifepreneur Project

Luly Yang Couture - Guest on The Lifepreneur Project Podcast

Luly Yang is an international brand, but she’s located here in Seattle. There is no other designer like Luly.I had the opportunity to use her gowns a few times for photoshoots when I used to be the stylist for MODE, DLIST, and Ville Magazine. I was always in awe of the designs and admired how she is constantly reaching new audiences. She started with couture gowns, but has moved to menswear, face masks, Alaska Airlines uniforms, and travel wear. 

We recorded Episode 8: Embracing Every Challenge on her rooftop in Seattle, which was such a memorable experience. Getting to know her and talk about how she overcame challenges and continues to stay curious really stuck with me. I remember that piece of advice often. Being able to ask questions, think bigger, ask “what if,” are all part of curiosity, and as an adult we shouldn’t forget that.

Something I learned about Luly that I didn’t know is that she loves to get to know people. 

If you ever sit next to Luly Yang on a plane, be ready to talk! She loves to hear people’s stories and finds you can learn a lot from people you meet. I’m so grateful for our time together. 

Listen to this episode



The Funniest Podcast on The Lifepreneur Podcast

Kammie Lisenby - Guest on The Lifepreneur Project Podcast


Kammie, an organization expert, brings a smile to my face. She has that personality that makes you feel comfortable instantly. Before we met, she contacted me years ago to be part of her book.

Meeting her in person was such a different experience from chatting over Zoom! In Episode 10: Bye-Bye, Perfect Instagram Wall! we talked about organization and we also discussed the realities of being a business owner. 

This podcast is funny, but also real, on so many levels. We talked about how to use what you have and let go of the perceptions of others so you can come out and be yourself. To spite the constant struggle to please and succeed, this episode focused on reality. 

Don’t blur your perception of reality with “perfect” Instagram photos.


Listen to this episode



The Friendship-Starting Episode of The Lifepreneur Podcast

Katie Randall - Guest on The Lifepreneur Project Podcast

@tannyabstyle @k8edid_

Talking about money is usually serious business, but financial advisor Katie Randall is super down to earth.

I’m not math-savvy by any means, but I wanted to learn more as we discussed finances in Episode 5: Unlock Your Money Story and Live Your Best Life Now. This conversation was about planning for life to get what you want, and then how to focus on doing what it takes to get there. 

After the conversation, I totally asked her on a friend date. Katie accepted, and we went to see Marie Forleo together when she was in Seattle on her book tour.

When you connect with someone, keep it going, and stay in contact. Since I found out she’s also into the world of listening to good podcasts and reading inspirational books, I also asked her to be part of my most recent virtual book club reading Untamed by Glennon Doyle.


Listen to this episode



The Most Exciting Episode of The Lifepreneur Podcast

Jane Park - Guest on The Lifepreneur Project Podcast


Tokki by Jane Park - Guest on The Lifepreneur Project Podcast


I’ve seen Jane Park speak a few times at the seasonal Nordstrom beauty shows. She has a way of being in front of an audience. She is someone I admire because she’s so business-savvy. I followed along with her journey of how she turned her beauty salon Julep into a beauty company, a box service, and then started a new company, Tokki. 

In Episode 7: Transparency and Starting Over Again, we unpacked her thoughts on what it takes to constantly evolve and how to start again. We got to discuss her experiences and what she learned along the way.

I really enjoy her honest Instagram posts about what it’s like to run a business. We as entrepreneurs need more transparency in what it takes to move the needle. Behind every business is a person doing new things again and again to make it work.

I hope to have her on again soon to talk more about what she’s posting on Instagram and what new collaborations she has with Tokki.


Listen to this episode



The Most Popular Episode of The Lifepreneur Podcast

Finding Your Perfect Match with Ali Migliore - Guest on The Lifepreneur Project Podcast

Who doesn’t want to know more about love? Love is life’s biggest joy when all is well. It’s also the biggest pain when things aren’t good.

In podcast Episode 4: Finding Your Perfect Match with Ali Migliore, we talk about dating:

What it’s like in 2019

What to talk about on your first date

What NOT to talk about on your first date

Who is on a matchmaking database

How to set boundaries

… and more.

I’ve known Ali for years, but recently started working with her clients from Simply Matchmaking at the beginning of 2019. After helping a few of her clients shop for outfits to help them feel and look their best for dating in Seattle, I thought confident style in dating would be an important topic to discuss. In the past few years I’ve worked a lot with men in their early 20’s in the tech industry who are looking for love and ready to step up their game. 


Listen to this episode


The best part about hosting a podcast? I’m finding the more people are open to asking for help in different areas of their lives, the less alone we all feel. These days, you don’t need to know how to do it all on your own.

What guest or episode has been your favorite? I’d love to bring back some of the guests and answer questions you have for them.

Who should come back on The Lifepreneur Project this year? Comment below!


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