"Every next level in your life will demand a better version of you." 


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We make the styling process efficient, easy, and rewarding. Your time is important and it is our job to find just the right pieces to help you achieve your style goals.

Whether you’re a busy professional ready to level up your work goals, a new mom embracing her body post baby, or finding yourself again as you get back into dating, we are here to help you. 

Finding your style is more than filling up your closet with new online purchases. It's a reflection of your hopes, dreams, life, and you. Our Style Team will connect the dots and make shopping easy.

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I’m a believer that anything is possible. In 14 years of business I’ve helped clients find love, step into new positions at work, get accustomed to the dress code of a new city, and update their style to fit who they are in their life. I mean, we can't stay the same forever! Style is something that evolves with you. As you change, your style will too. I want you to be the leader of your life and make anything happen. 

As your stylist, I get to connect the dots for you and help you buy new pieces that reflect you. Whether that's the coolest sneakers you'll never get tired of wearing or that fancy colorful dress that fits like a glove. That's what lights me about this work, there is no recipe or cookie-cutter way to do it.  Your style is a combination of all the little details about you and I get to help find the pieces that light you up.

If you’re ready to boost your confidence and life, I’m here to help you on your journey.


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🙋🏽‍♀️ i love dressing up! and my blazer collection is on point. i was born in edmonds, wa and grew up here. surprisingly, I've always been 'fashion forward' while my friends lived in hoodies. style has always been my jam.

Kloet Herrera

lead stylist

When you decide on what to wear, you are deciding on how you want to feel that day and how you show up for yourself.  Have you ever thought about how powerful that is? If what you are currently wearing doesn't feel good, it's time to get a style update. 

Through working together, I’ll help you update your wardrobe with pieces that make you feel your best. Getting a wardrobe that works for you and fits well, it gives you one less thing to worry about.

A little something about me, I’m versed in all things fashion. Everything from clothing construction, to fabrics, and sewing. My background in design and as your stylist, I'm very aware of fit issues and helping you find the best cut to everything you buy. Fit is key to looking good!

If you're ready to find the right fit to your clothing, I'm here to help make it easy for you.


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Hello colorful pieces! I'm here for you. I'm also very comfortable in the way I like to dress, don't let the fancy fool you.

natalia goro

Communications Specialist

I’m the gal that’ll welcome you to our talented and versatile stylists! Finding the perfect fit for you to elevate your wardrobe forever is my priority. I love meeting y'all and hearing your exciting stories and connecting with each client on a unique level.

Keeping up with the trends but putting a more chic or classic twist to it is how I like to describe my style. I think trends can be so fun as long as you stick to your high quality basics and make sure that you're not overdoing it!

Creativity has always been a part of me and has allowed me to work with some of the coolest influencers, companies and people from all over the u.s! It all started when I was younger and would imagine scenarios of videos or photographs I thought would be so interesting - now many years, techniques, and a camera later I am able to bring those scenarios in my mind to life. 

Because I'm such a social butterfly this position couldn't fit me any better! I was thrilled to join the Communication Department for The Closet Edit as I get to work with all of you, as well as the greatest stylists of the Seattle area.

BASED IN Bellevue, WA

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brittany tedder

customer service

I'm on the team to help support you and give you fabulous service as you go through the styling process.

If you've seen the newsletter, the blog, the graphics on @thecloset.edit and all the other fun behind the scenes things, I'm the gal making it happen for The Closet Edit team.

A little about me, after a few years in the tech world, I "retired" and became a freelance creative. Since then, I've been helping business owners make magic in their business.

I'll see you in the content!

BASED IN denver, co

Zaira Chan

event coordinator

Every little detail matters.
I've found my joy in sharing The Closet Edit's voice and being part of a brand that changes people's lives. 

Back in my college days I found how to express myself through style and created a blog to share my personal inspiration with others. Being able to connect with people and help share a brand's message is my calling. 

As the Director of PR & Communications for TCE, I get a bit of both worlds! You'll find me dressed up in a way that shows off something playful as I work away on creative messages to spread the word of style.

If you have an event idea or want to collaborate together, get a hold of me below.


I'll play up a basic and make it fun. I like to interpret a trend and make it my own.