"Every next level in your life will demand a better version of you." 


Why The Closet Edit 

The Closet edit experience

With all these personal styling boxes and online stores there’s still that need for honest, personal attention. Not to mention, people's closets are filling up with clothing from online shopping and last minute purchases that never quite worked out. At The Closet Edit, we make the styling process efficient, easy, and rewarding. 

We work with people like you! Whether you’re an online shopper collecting too many clothes, a busy professional that needs help figuring out what to wear, or are going through a life transition and need a refresh.  Our editors will align your pieces to your personality, your lifestyle, and body type to help you wear only the best options. We are dedicated to helping you curate your closet and edit your look. 

the style team

Lexi carrasco

lead stylist

Finds fashion and business to be a fascinating combination. She's lead by her creativity and eye for style, and finds pieces that are unique yet functional for every client. 

Lexi is all about helping clients find a spark of confidence in every new outfit and will go the extra mile to make others feel their best.

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Advocate for helping other live their best life and a leader in bringing together the community. Her heart is set on creating projects that give back, to help make other people’s lives easier, and inspire women to dream. 

Tannya believes the right accessories can enhance your style and add a personal touch to any outfit. 

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HAnnah Kates

Assistant + editor

The lady behind the content. She has a special eye for detail and always adds magic to her work. There's always a cool mug at her desk and coffee in her belly. 

Hannah believes in sharing stories with purpose. She is dedicated to sending messages that help you understand your style.