"Every next level in your life will demand a better version of you." 


Why The Closet Edit 

The Closet edit experience

We make the styling process efficient, easy, and rewarding. 

Whether you’re an online shopper collecting too many clothes, a busy professional that needs help figuring out what to wear, or are going through a life transition and need a refresh.  Our style team is here to alleviate you from making shopping decisions on your own, show you the best options that match your personal style, and create head-to-toe outfits so you know how to wear everything you own!

the style team



An advocate for helping others live their best life and a leader in bringing together the community. Her heart is set on creating projects that give back, to help make other people’s lives easier, and inspire women to dream.

As a working mom, Tannya knows what it’s like to be busy, have multiple roles to play and want a sense of control in your life. With style, you can decide how you want to feel and show up. You can decide how you spend your money and how you can make the best use of it.

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Lexi carrasco

lead stylist

Finds fashion and business to be a fascinating combination. She's lead by her creativity and eye for style, and finds pieces that are unique yet functional for every client. 

Lexi is all about helping clients find a spark of confidence in every new outfit and will go the extra mile to make others feel their best.

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Emily Matheny

social media manager & assistant

Passionate about creating content you can connect with and relate to on a personal level Social media is a visual outlet where Emily takes time to curate photos and images that bring a message to life.

Emily loves how fashion is so versatile and allows you to be whoever you want. Clothing creates a huge impact on how you feel about yourself. She believes that fashion is an art form where you can express yourself indefinitely.

Jenn palandro

content editor

With the right words, anything can happen. Jenn became a copywriter so she could translate her passion for writing into a career to help others personally and professionally. She is a mom of two young boys and a full time entrepreneur. Her mission is to help motivated professionals market their business in a mindful, genuine way at Hello Brio.

Jenn is usually seen in her signature black jeans—though she's learning to step outside her minimalist fashion comfort zone with the help of The Closet Edit style team.