Finding Your Perfect Match


How do you find your perfect match? The dating scene has changed drastically and our lives have become consumed with a fast paced rhythm. It feels like meeting someone at the grocery store just isn’t a thing anymore. The power couple at Simply Matchmaking is sticking to personalized services to help clients find love. Ali and Matt Migliore transitioned from full time careers to full time business owners within only a few years of starting the company in 2005. Ali has always been in matchmaking mode since her school days and knew she was meant to help others find love. Now she works with a national network of singles throughout the country. In this episode we talk about transitioning careers, working with your spouse, dating tips, and more. 




  • How to set boundaries when you work with your spouse
  • Ideas on collaborating with professionals in your industry
  • What to expect from a consultation with Simply Matchmaking
  • What to talk about on your first date
  • Who’s on the matchmaking database




I wish I knew Ali sooner! I’m a hopeless romantic and everything she talked about was right on. I’d love to have her back on the podcast. If you have any love topics you’d like to cover, please send them my way.


  1. Be true to who you are. On a first date there’s pressure to make it work, especially when you find the other person attractive but it’s best to show your true colors to avoid problems later on.
  2. Don’t be afraid to lay it all out. If you are looking for love, be open from the beginning that that’s what you want.
  3. After a relationship ends, take it slow and get clear on what your values are and what you’re looking for. It’ll save you time from dating the wrong people again.


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