How to Accessorize With a Headband

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How do you accessorize with a headband without feeling like you’re 10 years old again? It’s so much easier than you would expect! Find a headband you like and wear it with anything. 


You can put one on with your around-the-house loungewear to feel fancy, or add it to evening wear for a playful look. I made sure to find outfit ideas you could actually try out yourself.


If you’re up for it, I’ve also added ideas on how to accessorize your look without making you feel like you’re overdoing it on the pizazz.


Check out my favorite outfits with headbands below:


Everyday Casual Outfit With a Headband

Casual wear

Stripe Top + Shorts + Pink Headband


Here’s an easy way to make your casualwear fun and flirty. Pink is a great neutral to mix with many colors in your wardrobe, and it’s such a soft color that doesn’t overpower your outfit.


Dressed Up Outfit With a Headband

dressed up

Sexy Dress + Hoop Earrings + Wedges + Pearl Headband


Who would’ve thought a headband could look fancy, right? The pearl detail is a great idea for pairing with dresses. It’s an unexpected way to mix up your look.


Summer Fun Outfit With a Headband

summer fun

One-piece swimsuit (or try a bodysuit) + Denim Shorts + Kimono coverup + Headband


This is such a great casual wear outfit to spend time with the kids. Keep the jewelry delicate and simple.

Pair a Headband With a Print


Floral print + Solid Colored Headband + Matching Earrings



The headband really brightens up this floral dress. You can also wear it with a floral top and shorts or your fav pair of jeans. 


Loungewear With a Headband


Black Leggings + Black Tee + Sherpa Jacket + Headband



Look your best, even if no one’s watching. The headband will make you feel extra special in your loungewear. It’s like you got dressed up without even trying.


How to Accessorize With a Headband

blue earrings and headband

Blue Earrings + Blue Headband


Match the color of your headband to your earrings for an easy, put-together outfit. Lele Sadoughi has the most beautiful, colorful headbands and earrings for the summertime. Fall in love with colorful accessories on her site!


Dress Up a Summer Party Outfit With a Headband

Tannya headband

Whitetop + Print Pants + denim pearl headband + earrings



I wore this look for my summer party with a white top tucked into print pants. I took the ideas above and made it my own! The denim headband really goes with anything; I’ve also worn it around the house with my hair up in a ponytail. Loved this look. I want to wear it again and again.

I love seeing how to accessorize a headband without feeling too over the top. I’m all about mismatched colors. Try it out and see if it works for you, too.

Now that you’ve seen all the modern ways to wear a headband, pick one up and play with outfit ideas at home. If you’re loving it, stock up on a few colors and styles to keep in the mix.


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