Bye-Bye, Perfect Instagram Wall!

Have you found an organization method that works for you? I’m wildly obsessed with having a spot for everything and avoiding clutter, so I was so excited to talk to our guest, Kammie Lisenby of Organizing Experts about her thoughts on the Marie Kondo method. 

I must say, you don’t want to miss this conversation! We met over the phone three years ago when Kammie was writing a book. She interviewed me about my personal shopping tips so she could take some quotes to add to one of the chapters. We’ve been in contact through social media since then, and now we meet in person! We literally talk like two old friends so, you’ll enjoy this episode. There’s no filter or editing, and she turns the conversation around on me so you get to hear a little bit more about my story of getting married at eighteen and how it changed my life. 

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*Might show up as ‘What Sparks Anger in your home?’

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Conversation highlights

-When Marie Kondo doesn’t work

-Differentiating yourself from the competition

-Living your truth in an Instagram-perfect world

-Overcoming roadblocks that are meant to tear you down

-How a business changed in an eleven-year span

What I learned

  1. Create team activities based on what your team members like. It’s fun to have a day where you all do something new together and bond outside work. I want to start hanging out with my team more, especially since we all work remotely most of the time. It would be nice to get out!
  2. Be careful with who you hire to come into your home. It seems like common sense, but I forget how easy it is for anyone to start a business. Do your research, make sure they have reviews, are professional, and know what they’re doing.
  3. Remember to be kind to yourself, even if it’s just getting up to brush your teeth. There are different seasons, different days, and different moods.

What do you think about “cleaning house” and living an honest life in our “Instagram-perfect world?” Chat with us on the blog at or join us on the Lifepreneur Project Facebook page to find a community of new friends. You can also catch Kammie at her website or on her Instagram


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