Navigating Love During Uncertain Times with Relationship Coach Naomi Stonier


Why is love the most beautiful experience, yet we all have relationship struggles? 

Right now, we are still living through COVID. For some people, it’s strengthened their relationships with their partners. For others, it’s brought on conversations and conflicts that raise big questions and put major stress on the relationship.




Online Communities Bring Connection

Today’s podcast guest, Naomi Stonier, lives in Italy. I’m extremely grateful for online communities that are focused on growth and vulnerability. Naomi and I met over my comment online when I shared how I’ve been having a huge block in communication with my partner and our differences of opinion. In the most sincere way, she let me know she was available to listen during a call. It’s on communities like these where I’ve connected with new friends like Naomi in the most unexpected threads and conversations.

Little did I know, Noami is a relationship coach, trained and qualified by the official training school of Tony Robbins. Yes—THE Tony Robbins. During our conversation, she held a space for me that I really needed. The conversation we had felt like something a lot of people in my life need to hear right now.


Listen to This Episode for Solutions on Relationship Struggles

If you struggle with anything in your relationship or have unresolved issues from the past that keep coming up, you need to give this podcast episode a listen. Naomi shares her personal relationship struggles which led her and her partner to move to Italy to fulfill their lifelong dreams.

As a relationship coach, Naomi helps individuals find and reclaim their passion and purpose so they can focus on repairing, deepening, and reigniting their relationships.


Quote: "Certainty gives us reassurance but uncertainty makes us feel alive." Naomi Stonier



In this episode you’ll learn:


How simple shifts in your mindset are extremely effective in changing your life.

The four human needs and how to find a way to meet them (good or bad).

How difficult moments can build trust and honesty in a relationship.

Why you don’t need to be in a relationship to work with a relationship coach.

What it takes to be in a marriage for 20, 30, or 40 years.


My three biggest takeaways from speaking with Naomi were:

  • Trust is the foundation of a relationship. Trust allows you to open up and share difficult feelings, not feel shame from admitting you’re in the wrong. It also allows you to be able to grow and allow your partner to grow too.
  • Our past experiences filter our current reality. It can take more questioning, pausing, and awareness to find out why certain triggers still come up years later.
  • Anger simply means your needs aren’t being met in a positive way. We get defensive because we feel everything is about us, but anger can be a hurt your partner has from a trigger in the past. In the past, anger was complicated for me to understand, but her translation helped bring me the clarity to the emotion.


Naomi Stonier, Relationship Coach

Naomi Stonier

Share These Inspiring Tips to Help Relationship Struggles

While listening, if you hear something about relationship struggles that inspires or moves you, take time to share this episode with someone who needs to hear this message too. Take a screenshot of this podcast on your phone and send it in a group chat or share it on your Instagram story and tag me at @TannyaBStyle or @TheCloset.Edit. 

Doing this simple act of love can brighten someone’s day, give them hope, and let them know you’re thinking of them.

Check out Naomi Stonier’s website and her Facebook Group!

Remember that every day is a new day to make a positive change in your life. Be the light in your life and the community Lifepreneur. Thank you so much for spending time with me today and I’ll catch you next time on the Lifepreneur Project Podcast.


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