Unlock your Money Story and Live Your Best Life Now

The financial system was not created to serve women. It’s so important for us to have a seat at the table and start having conversations about money, no matter how much you make. In fact, women couldn’t even open up a bank account on their own until the 1970s. Ladies, that was not so long ago. Katie Randall is here to break it down and make the topic about money less intimidating. We quickly became friends as we connected over the importance of mindset, living in our values, and sharing our travel stories. Talking to her about money was so much easier than googling anything about financial planning, she broke everything down to sizable, easy to comprehend vocab that I could actually understand. This financial advisor at Brighton Jones is passionate about raising the awareness of changing our money story and planning for our present and future.



  • what’s the financial story running your life
  • the importance of aligning money to your values
  • how to find a healthy balance between spending and saving
  • what it’s like to hire a financial advisor
  • how to live your best life now and not just focus on the future
  • ideas to open up the conversation of money in your relationship or with your group of girlfriends




  1. Check in to see if the way you are spending your money lines up with the life you actually want. You can cut back on spending on items that don’t bring you joy in order to save up money on what you truly want.
  2. A good financial advisor will also be a good coach. Sometimes you need someone who’s real with you and taking a look at reality will change you for the better.
  3. You don’t have to talk about how much you make to have money conversations with other women. You can talk about feelings around money, how you are managing expenses, or how you are working with your partner to create money boundaries.


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  2. […] not math-savvy by any means, but I wanted to learn more as we discussed finances in Episode 5: Unlock Your Money Story and Live Your Best Life Now. This conversation was about planning for life to get what you want, and then how to focus on doing […]

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