Embracing Every Challenge with Luly Yang

It’s easy to hold on to what’s familiar—to surround yourself with the things you know, to stay perfectly safe and comfortable. But making true life changes takes courage. It can truly be scary to venture into the unknown.

Designer Luly Yang has dedicated twenty years of her career to constantly staying curious and growing with her clients. Her love for design started at a young age, and that love ensured that her creative soul never grew up. That’s the best way to see life! Less fear, more action! You may know her for the butterfly dress that moved her career forward into bridal wear and couture, but she also designs menswear, ready-to-wear, uniforms for Amazon and Alaska Airlines, and travel wear coming in Fall of 2020.

But how has Luly been able to expand her career into so many facets? She’s constantly learning from everyone around her. Luly is one of those people who wants to get to know everyone she encounters. Even on an airplane, she’ll strike up a conversation with you and truly listen to your story.

The power she cultivates from being so thoughtful and curious has allowed her business to flourish into different ventures. I am so grateful to have had a chance during this busy time of year to sit with Luly and learn all about her designs and her insight on the fashion industry. We talk about the best way to keep going when facing challenges, how collaboration brings life, what it takes to step into a leadership role, and so much more.

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-How beauty evokes us to be better and do better

-The best way to persevere when facing challenges

-Why online shopping can’t replace a one-on-one experience

-The importance of collaborating

-Why you should have a conversation with the person sitting next to you on the plane


There was something really special about that conversation, it left me feeling like I could take over any little dream and soak up my creative vibes.


  1. I really enjoyed Luly’s perspective on leadership. It takes wisdom and constant reminders of the company’s mission and values. I want to put this into play to drive my big picture goals in 2020.
  2. How does she overcome challenges? She forgets them! How awesome is that? Luly not only takes her challenges head-on—she’s mindful about letting them go to prepare herself for jumping fearlessly into unknown territory. I need more of that in my life.
  3. I liked the insight she shared about the difference between a fine artist and a designer. The fine artist will go into a room and create their art as a reflection of their feelings or themselves. They create as a form of self-expression. Designers, however, create in order to provide solutions for others. I’ve never really seen things that way.



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