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There’s a lot of information out there to help you achieve your goals in life. With the internet, everything you want is right at your fingertips—and usually for free! Want to learn how to dance in a week? Create more joy in your life with 5 easy changes? Meditate and have more peace? It’s all […]


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You know I love a good sale! I’m always excited to work with Nordstrom. This year with COVID, they made it a priority to add more casualwear and loungewear to the mix in order to help people with work-from-home options during this Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.   The sale is going on between August 4th – […]


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How do you accessorize with a headband without feeling like you’re 10 years old again? It’s so much easier than you would expect! Find a headband you like and wear it with anything.    You can put one on with your around-the-house loungewear to feel fancy, or add it to evening wear for a playful […]

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I’m celebrating one year since I started my podcast, The Lifepreneur Project! It definitely feels like it’s been longer, but I think it’s because so much in my personal life has changed. The podcast is like an evolution of my own life journey. Each guest provided me with the insight I needed at the time. […]


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Why is love the most beautiful experience, yet we all have relationship struggles?  Right now, we are still living through COVID. For some people, it’s strengthened their relationships with their partners. For others, it’s brought on conversations and conflicts that raise big questions and put major stress on the relationship. SPOTIFY | ITUNES   Online Communities Bring […]


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With video calls being part of the new norm, it’s important to get a video-ready work wardrobe together. But what does that even look like?  I partnered with Seattle Gents, an influencer collective in Seattle, to share ideas on how to get ready for a day of video calls. Seattle Gents’ mission is to build […]

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Thought business casual was confusing? Now we’ve got work from home style to think of. What does that even mean?  If you’ve been scrolling through social media, you’ve probably seen a lot of talk and hashtags of WFHstyle, which stands for work from home style. All the retailers have caught on too. You’ll see special […]

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Target designer collabs are the most fun to shop from! The latest is by CUSHNIE and Lisa Marie Fernandez. I actually had no idea CUSHNIE was going to be in the line up with Target when I wrote a blog post a couple of weeks back, My Favorite Fashion Brands Owned by Women of Color. […]

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How can you use accessories as a statement piece? It’s the little things that matter the most. The overall look and feel of our outfits can be positively impacted by incorporating bold details. Check out my top 5 accessory trends of the season and see how they can make a statement through anything you wear. […]

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  What do our signature online styling services look like? With everyone staying at home, this question has been on the forefront of our business! We continue to make each experience personalized, expedient, and just as effective as our in-person sessions. The big difference is that our online sessions are through video chats, and we […]

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