When You’ve Struggled with Your Weight Your Entire Life

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When you look in the mirror, are you frustrated with what you see? Do you look at all the areas you want to change and hide?


I want to remind you how magical your body is. That body in the mirror you see is life. That body you see, carries you through your day and gives you strength.That body you see helps you breathe. It holds space for every organ you need to be alive. For some, that body has birthed babies. Like literally a little human has come out of your own human body.


I know a lot of us have a constant battle with the bodies that we see. I want to talk more about how our bodies can be celebrated and not constantly critiqued. 



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In this podcast episode I talk about

  • My own struggle with an eating disorder
  • How I help clients overcome their body dysmorphia
  •  Some ways to celebrate your body


You can’t wave a magic wand to love your body and accept it. But you can take daily steps to appreciate your body and start changing the way you speak to yourself. Even if it’s just in your head. 


A lot of my healing has come through working as a stylist and helping others. It’s also come from becoming a mom to protect my daughter.


If you’re reading this, maybe you haven’t been to the point of having a full blown eating disorder but I know many of us do have some sort of body dysmorphia. Thoughts that run through your mind about how your body should look like or what you should be eating constantly.


I’d like to share some tips with you on how to start loving your body today, right now, wherever you’re at in size. It’s time to celebrate you.


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1.Turn the thought around and refocus what you are looking at


Like I mentioned earlier, you can’t instantly love your body but you can switch your focus and what you see most. When you look at yourself in the mirror and zoom in on your belly, your arms or whatever else you are just not happy with. Actually say out loud 3 parts of your body you DO love or like or appreciate.

For me, it’s my eyes, I love the light brown eyes I have, and their shape. I love my hands, they allow me to write, to type, to cook, to do light weights, they are so useful. I love how strong my body feels since having a baby, I do light weights and I’d never done that in my life. It makes me feel powerful.


2. Buy a new outfit


Yep. I’m telling you to NOT wait to spend money on yourself until you lose 10 lbs, but instead love on yourself right now. How many times in life have you just “waited” for the right time and delayed your life for the right amount of money, the right person, or anything else. 


You don’t need a certain butt or boob or belly size to buy a new bathing suit, a pair of pants, or work outfit.


I want to challenge you to buy one new outfit or at least a pair of pants in the correct size. I promise that even wearing jeans that fit well make a difference. You’ll look in the mirror and see that you can look good, no matter what size you are.


When you get clothes in the right size you’ll

  • stop adjusting it to fit right
  • you won’t even notice the parts of your body you’re self conscious about
  • the energy you exude will be contagious


Although you can’t love your body instantly, you can be more accepting of it with an outfit that makes you feel priceless. I see it in my clients eyes when they come out of the fitting room in a piece that just lights them up.



3. Give yourself a high five in the mirror

I actually recently heard this from Mel Robbins. I know it sounds ridiculous but I promise you’ll actually enjoy it and it’ll make you smile. Next time you walk into the bathroom or go by a mirror, if you stop yourself to look, before any horrible thought or comment comes into your mind, just give yourself a high five in the mirror.


I do this with saying something I’m proud of myself for. For example earlier today I told myself I was so proud of writing 5 pages to my new book and setting myself up for success and relaxation by picking up some sushi and going to the beach to write in my car. 


It takes your mind away from going at your body to shame yourself and into a new narrative of life and what you’re proud of, what you’ve accomplished. I know it’s not brain science but I’ve actually enjoyed doing this.


4. Talk to someone 

Call someone up, text them, tell them how you feel and what you are struggling with. If you aren’t ready to do that with people in your life, find a therapist you can talk to.


When you start sharing your feelings, you give those negative thoughts less power. You get to hear stories from other people struggling too and can find ways to move forward. Love yourself today and don’t wait to lose 10 lbs to feel good. Don’t pause your life until  you lose the butt, the belly, the arm flab.


What are ways you get yourself out of the cycle of talking about yourself negatively? How do you work on loving your body? Let me know in the comments below.


Love you and just want to let you know I’m here for you,

tannya bernadette




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