Stylish Ways to Wear a Long Blazer for Summer

Stylish Ways to Wear a Blazer This Summer

A long linen white blazer is the perfect summer jacket between casual and professional. It’s lightweight and versatile for work or play. It’s a must try for your summer wardrobe. You’ll see there are many ways to pair it for your life and style. At the end of the blog you’ll also find a few suggestions of my personal favorite white linen jackets you can shop from.


The benefits of wearing a long white linen blazer

  • You won’t feel overly dressed up white linen blazer because it’s lightweight. It also doesn’t feel restricting like a lined blazer.
  • If you have broader shoulders, this blazer is one of the few jackets that will fit well. It isn’t very fitted and has extra room for you to feel comfortable.
  •  It’s longer silhouette gives you different options for styling and creating outfits. You’ll find a a chic refresh for summertime, especially if you’ve been wearing cardigans, bomber jackets, or anything else as a layer piece.


Tricks to pull off a long blazer and make it flattering on your figure

  • Roll up the sleeves to make the extra fabric less overwhelming on your body.
  • Wear a fitted top/dress underneath to even out the boxy look from the jacket.
  • Wear high waist pants or skirts.
  • Wear something underneath that comes in the waist.
  • Only wear it with long pants, ankle pants or short skirt/dress (looks better proportionally).



Short dress and long blazer

I am loving the long blazer with my shorter dresses and skirts because it makes the look chic. In the past I’d wear a short jacket because it went really well with the dresses I own. With the longer blazer in style right now, it’s been nice to see how to update some of the pieces from my closet. This dress has a totally different feel when I try it on with the blazer compared to a cardigan or short jacket.




Business Casual Outfit


Joggers can totally be incorporated to your work looks if you style it correctly. Add a colorful sleeveless top to a darker jogger for some summer color. To even out the light jacket on top, pair it with a white or beige shoe. Joggers are the most comfortable pant of the moment because who doesn’t love a stretchy waistband! The pair I’m wearing in the photo doesn’t have a tie/drawstring front which makes it look more work appropriate. If you find a jogger with a tie waist, it may or may not feel like something you’d want to wear to work. You’d have to base it off how you feel in it. The fabric has a lot to do with it too, if it were a cotton type of sweatpant, or looks like you could go work out in it, I’d say don’t wear it to work.



long linen blz

This is one of the easiest way to wear a long linen blazer. Pair it with your favorite high waist jeans. They can be an ankle length or long pair but make sure they are not wide. There will be too much fabric with a wide leg, but in this case a flare or bootcut works well because it’s more fitted at the thigh where the end of the blazer hits. If you don’t like to wear a high waist pant, wear a mid rise but make sure to tuck the shirt in the front to show the waist. You could also wear a fitted top that isn’t too long. You don’t want the length of the top to look as long as the blazer itself.




White Linen Boyfriend Blazer

BANANA REPUBLIC // Drapey Boyfriend Blazer $179


Fluid Modern Linen White Blazer


LOFT // Fluid Modern Blazer $140



Club Monaco Classic Linen Blazer


CLUB MONACO // Classic Linen Blazer $279



White Linen Blazer Earla Modern Blazer Bohme


BOHME // Earla Modern Blazer $58.50



Rag and bone linen blazer

RAG & BONE // Andre Linen Blend Blazer $495


Now it’s Your Turn to Put Together an Outfit

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