Normalizing Down Syndrome And Making Uncomfortable Topics More Comfortable

down syndrome awareness

Has someone told you, you weren’t capable of doing big things in your life?


I’m sure you’ve experienced this in different settings:

  • Whether you got in an accident and were told you couldn’t walk again. 
  • If you had a business idea you couldn’t get off your mind and were told it was ridiculous. 
  • You wanted to get out of a difficult situation and were told that it wasn’t possible.


Now imagine you were born different and already had the world against you from the very beginning.


My friend Sheryl P. shares the realities of being a mom with her son, Boogie who has down syndrome. She uses Instagram to build a community and create awareness around down syndrome. To show that all babies have their own timing and mamas aren’t more special than others, they just adapt to what’s going on in their life.


If you check out her insta, you’ll see she’s an open book and talks about all the things that may seem uncomfortable. She wants to make it okay to ask questions and have conversations about topics we don’t normally hear about.


On my latest episode of the It Takes You podcast, you can hear more about Sheryl’s story with Baby Boogie.




You’ll learn about:

  • The Misconceptions about Down Syndrome
  • How miscarriages can take away the simple joys of pregnancy
  • What you should NEVER say to someone who has a child with down syndrome
  • Accommodating your life to make time for you and for work


Inspirational Quote



” What lifes is like with down syndrome? Life isn’t much different.” – Sheryl Pasamonte

“Don’t limit yourself by the boxes the world puts you in. You are so much more.” – Sheryl Pasamonte

“Wherever you are at, Whatever you are dealing with, you get to create the story of your life.” -Tannya Bernadette


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Find Sheryl’s beautiful posts on life with baby Boogie @SherylPasamonte

Tannya Bernadette is on Instagram at @TannyaBStyle


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