How to Leave a Toxic Relationship and Work Through Codependency with Melanie Moberg



“Change is hard. Not changing is harder.” – Melanie Moberg


Have you ever been in a relationship where deep down inside, you knew it was wrong? Something never felt right but you kept trying to make it work, give it your all, and in the end had nothing left in return.


Did you make excuses for someone who was toxic, you always defended them and your family and friends knew you weren’t in a good place, but you were not ready to let go?


If you are in a situation like this, been there, or know someone in an unhealthy, codependent relationship, listen up!


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In this episode I have a conversation with Codependency Coach, Melanie Moberg.


We talk about important topics like:

  • Why you stick around a toxic relationship so long
  • What is good self-care?
  • What it takes to have a good conversation with a loved one
  • How to build the confidence and support to leave a bad relationship
  • The boundaries you need after you leave


Melanie became a coach to help women find peace. Her work focuses on people that love on someone struggling with addiction. This became her path because she personally had encountered several addiction incidents within her family.

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