Who’s Genuine Online?

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Has COVID life made you question how you were living your life before? If you’ve been on a journey of becoming curious about what changes you can make to switch up your career, read on.

Paula is a business coach who specializes in setting you up for success in your projects and helping you forecast ideas to move your ideas forward. 

This conversation is more than business talk. We dive into four big topics:


  • Letting go of the shame of working on yourself
  • Who is genuine online
  • What Facebook groups are useful for
  • Where people waste their time and energy




How to Decide If You Want to Switch Your Career and Work For Yourself

I can’t stress enough on the importance of listening to what you need as an individual and forget trying to get approval for making big leaps in working on yourself. This can include investing in a:


  • Therapist
  • Life coach
  • Business coach, or
  • Even a personal stylist like myself


What other people need is different from what you need yourself. Make sure to separate their opinions from your own decision making.



How Online Business is Changing Everything So You Can Switch Your Career

In our conversation, we also talk about the online world and how it’s changed business and networking. 


As an entrepreneur, my life before COVID was hosting events, being a speaker at different companies, and connecting with others in person. 


Now that online groups, especially Facebook groups, have become the new norm of networking, how do you connect with others and know it’s genuine? Online groups are making it possible for people like you to switch your career and work for yourself.

Listen To The Episode of What It Takes to Show Up

Listen to the full episode to hear about all this and much more.


What did you find most inspiring about this conversation? 


Keep the conversation going with us online and share your thoughts with us! You can find Paula Shepherd on her Facebook Group I am Becoming. I hang out there and really enjoy the community she created. You can also hang out with her on Instagram at @be_fearless_with_paula.


I personally worked with Paula for 3 months and am grateful for the help during my life transition and work slump. If you sign up for any of her programs, let her know you found out about her from this podcast episode. She will love to hear your story and connect with you. Even in her group programs, she takes time to connect with everyone there.

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