Are You Seeing the Results You Want?

journal prompts

Journaling is the best way to connect to you deeper feelings and understanding what’s really going on inside.


This doesn’t have to be exclusive to life’s problems related to relationships or work goals, it’s also a great way to shine light on and understand more about your personal style. As you write, you may start to come up with solutions from becoming aware of what you’re struggling with.


Style is connected to self.

It’s a reflection of you.

How you feel about your body.

What is important to you.

It tells a story of who you are.

It can make you feel empowered.

It can make you also feel ‘less than’.

If you’ve been feeling like something’s off with your style. Take time to get the answers you need to make sure you aren’t getting backed into the same cycle of buying things that you don’t really wear or holding onto clothing that doesn’t feel like you anymore.

Style Journal Prompts

The important questions to ask yourself:

1. Am I seeing the results I want?

Be honest. Was your midnight shopping binge a regret or something you feel good about? Did you splurge on a designer piece that you know will make an impact on your style? Did the handful of sale items you just bought bring you joy? You’ve got to answer more than a yes and no, give an example of what you did and then share about why you feel you are getting results or why you aren’t getting results.

2. Do my clothes fit well?

It’s normal to fluctuate in weight throughout the years. No matter where you are on the scale, it’s always important to feel your best in what you wear. If you’ve gained some weight and your clothes are feeling tight or restrictive, there’s NOTHING good about that. All you’ll feel is self conscious throughout the day in your clothing. If you are trying to lose weight, buy yourself one new outfit on sale in your size right now. Do that one thing and you’ll instantly feel so much better. Make sure your clothes are not swimming on you, make sure you aren’t adjusting your clothing constantly, make sure it just fits right. You’ll know what that means when you try something that does feel good.

3. Where am I struggling in my style?

This is a big question to get to the heart of. It can be more than one thing. Write down all the ways you are struggling. Maybe you don’t know what to purchase next because you’ve been used to shopping from the same brands or styles. Maybe you are struggling with knowing what fits your body. Or it could be with feeling like you go shopping and don’t ever really find anything that you like. What are you struggling with?

4. Do my outfits align with who I truly am?

In the end, it all really boils down to this one question. Do your outfits actually align with you you are? You can have pieces that fit well but don’t feel like you. You can have a whole closet of beautiful, well made clothes that were from your past life as an executive in an office everyday and now you are a mom working from home. Do you have clothing that aligns with who you are today?

What came up for you during this exercise? If we haven’t connected yet on Instagram, let’s do that now! I love connecting with people just like you and starting bigger conversations in my DMs! Will you connect with me there now?

I’m here to support you on your style journey.


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PS – The first step to take in the process of learning more about your personal style includes getting in your closet, to the core of the problem.

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