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With video calls being part of the new norm, it’s important to get a video-ready work wardrobe together.

But what does that even look like? 

I partnered with Seattle Gents, an influencer collective in Seattle, to share ideas on how to get ready for a day of video calls.

Seattle Gents’ mission is to build the men’s fashion community for the modern man. Follow them on Instagram @SeattleGents and check them out on YouTube.

Use this video and post as inspiration on mixing up items in your closet differently or buying a new piece that you can wear again and again. All the clothing in this video is from Seattle Thread Company in Kirkland, WA.


Video-Ready Work Wardrobe Tip #1: Casual Doesn’t Have to Be Boring and Basic

Menswear has come a long way: you can find casual, comfortable pieces with different textures, colors, prints, stitching, and other small details. These subtle, special touches go a long way to help you feel confident in your wardrobe selection.

Quarter Zip Blue Billy Reid for a video-ready work wardrobe for men

Billy Reid Lightweight Quarter Zip $150


Video-Ready Work Wardrobe Tip #2: Add Layers to Your Look

The secret to wearing that same tee a couple of days throughout the week is pairing a light layer over it. I promise, no one will know. Layers add a sophisticated touch to an old favorite.

Unstructured Soft Blazer by Good Man for a video-ready work wardrobe for men

Good Man Cotton Unstructured Blazer $298

Billy Reid Polo for a video-ready work wardrobe for men

Billy Reid Polo $88

Light Wool Blend Bomber Jacket by Alchemy Equipment for a video-ready work wardrobe for men

Alchemy Equipment Bomber Jacket $215

Soft Jersey Velvet T-Shirt for a video-ready work wardrobe for men

Velvet Tee $58

Video-Ready Work Wardrobe Tip #3: Try a New Print for Summer

Tired of the same plaid or stripe options? Spring and summer are the perfect time to experiment with other prints. There’s polka dots, florals of all shapes and sizes, and abstract prints as well. If you’re feeling like you need a pick-me-up print, find something new that works for you.

Stone Rose Geo Button-Up Men's Shirt for a video-ready work wardrobe for menStone Rose Performance Stretch Geo Pattern for a video-ready work wardrobe for men

Stone Rose Geo Pattern Shirt $155


Video-Ready Work Wardrobe Bonus Tip: What To Wear on the Bottom

Wearing a full outfit head to toe is your best bet to feel productive and put together for the day. You don’t need to sacrifice comfort to do so. There are a lot of denim options with extra stretch for sitting for long periods of time throughout the day. I recommend trying a new denim color. A safe, overlooked neutral is a gray pant. This will match easily with many colored tops and is a step up from the faded denim options in your closet right now.

Alberto Pipe 1587 Gray Jeans for a video-ready work wardrobe for men

Modern Gray Alberto Denim $205

Modern Fit Linen Stretch Lightweight Pants for a video-ready work wardrobe for men

Modern Fit Linen Mix $195

Regular Slim Fit Soft Cotton Chino Pants for a video-ready work wardrobe for men

Regular Slim Fit Chinos $215

What different approach are you going to try for your work wardrobe? Let me know what your favorite tip was in the comments below, and feel free to share this post with someone you think would find this helpful. 

As always, I’m here to help you look and feel your best. Have style questions you’d like answered in a future blog post? Submit them in an email to I love hearing from you.

Have a lovely day,

Tannya Bernadette


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