What Does Work From Home Style Even Mean?

Thought business casual was confusing? Now we’ve got work from home style to think of. What does that even mean? 

If you’ve been scrolling through social media, you’ve probably seen a lot of talk and hashtags of WFHstyle, which stands for work from home style. All the retailers have caught on too. You’ll see special sections on many online stores referencing you to loungewear and ideas on what to buy for home life. In the fashion industry, we are doing our very best to figure out what work from home really means and how we can help you. 

Although life is opening up again, most of us are still working from home and using video calls as our primary communication source. This means we still have our professional lives to show up for. For some of us, the future of our work is looking much more remote.

It’s time to start getting your closet and style to reflect an activity-full life of playing with the kids, hopping on a client video call, making dinner for the hundredth time, and gardening. 

There are patterns to look out for to help you decide on what to wear, what to buy, and how to organize your closet differently. Before you start getting rid of anything, let’s concentrate on what you are wearing and what you can possibly take out more often. Put your favorite girls’ night top to the side; it’ll come out again eventually. 


Work from Home Style Tip 1: Mix style and comfort together

Mix and Match Loungewear for work from home style


You’re probably finding that although you want comfort, you still are needing style. 

Loungewear is becoming a new staple and it’s okay to embrace it. If you found that before your pajama or lounge clothes didn’t match, it’s a good time to just dump out your junk drawer and replace those items with two sets of matching loungewear pieces.

You may also be wearing more t-shirts during this time. It’s time to get some new ones and replace the old faded tees that have holes or pilling. You can also find tees in a new color that excites you or try a tee with a print, a puff sleeve, a flutter sleeve, or a lace overlay. The point is, there is so much versatility out there when it comes to t-shirts; the options are endless! 

A basic, foundation piece doesn’t have to be boring and neutral. Broaden your options with details and colors.


Work from Home Style Tip 2: Change the way you wear your items

Creative Closet Finds


There are pieces in your closet you might have stopped wearing because you considered it more ‘professional’ or ‘dressy’ when it doesn’t have to be categorized like that. Go into your closet and pull out some of the items you haven’t been wearing.

Hold it up to other items you own and look at it with a fresh eye. Can your work blouse actually be worn with jeans? Can you throw on a jean jacket over it? 

Get creative on how you wear it, and you might start pulling it out more. In my upcoming workshop, The Outfit Formula, you end up creating 30 outfits in 30 days with items from your closet. When you finish the program, you’ll feel like you have a whole new wardrobe and have a better sense of what your personal style is. You can go to outfitformula.myclosetedit.com to sign up.

Scroll through Pinterest or Instagram and search for summer outfits to see what comes up. You’ll find color and style combinations that will have you restyle your old favorites: just plug in items you have at home.

Check out my styling Instagram @thecloset.edit for some great ideas. I love sharing easy outfit formulas to follow.


Work from Home Style Tip 3: Wear clothing that makes you feel productive and put together

Clothing that helps you feel productive and boost your work from home style


Wearing clothing that allows you to show up feeling your best is the most important. It’s so true that how we take care of ourselves directly affects how we feel about ourselves. I’m not sure about you, but for me, the days I get up, put on light makeup, and get out of my loungewear, I feel like a boss. I feel more ready, awake, and able to direct my team.

I’ve let go of only getting dressed on top and leaving my leggings on. I’m pulling out FULL outfits again and wearing my skirts for my work from home style. I feel ready to work.

If you want nice blouses but don’t want to wear anything you have to dry clean anymore, go online, and look for new machine washable tops. Most stores now carry synthetic fabric blends that are machine washable but look like silk.

Sourcery carries washable silk shirts if you prefer something fancy and sustainability-friendly. They have blouses, skirts, dresses, and pants to choose from in a variety of colors, prints, and styles.

You can also buy a new pair of pants. There’s something about getting a new pair of well-fitting pants that feels good. Divalani Style carries Mavi Jeans which fit so many different body types. Or, you can try a soft crop wide leg pant.


Work from Home Style Tip 4: Focus on having more options on top


I’m not saying forget bottoms. I think having a full outfit feels more put together, but right now is the time to put a bit more emphasis on tops if you are finding yourself working on video calls. Use more color, layer to change up your look, and add jewelry.

I had a client tell me recently she’s been wearing the same 4 shirts again and again for her video calls. Her colleague actually called her out on it and said, “Are you wearing the same shirt every day?” She felt slightly embarrassed because she just didn’t have anything else to grab anymore.

If you wear the same shirt, adding a stretchy blazer, a bomber jacket, or earrings can make a huge difference.

If you haven’t been wearing much jewelry, go through your jewelry box and pull out some old favorites to see if they still work for you. Keep them somewhere you can reach them to avoid having to do any searching.



Now you can find what your work from home style is for you!

If you feel like you’re getting stuck wearing the same thing again and again, it’s time to get out of that cycle and build a closet you love!

What’s making you feel more productive? Share with us your #WFHStyle and tag @thecloset.edit on Instagram!


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