Feeling buyer’s remorse? Learning from your past purchases

You are on this mission to shop. You feel motivated and ready. Then you start shopping, and you’re feeling pretty good. You got your coffee, and you set the date in your calendar. But then you get home and feel this knot in the pit of your stomach and think, was it worth buying some of those pieces? This is buyer’s remorse.

When you aren’t used to doing a shopping haul to refresh your wardrobe all at once, you might feel like you are second-guessing your decisions. You might find things wrong with certain pieces to find some justification to take it back or find something better.

Sometimes, you have to go with it. Don’t overthink it.

This is a weird analogy, but even when dating, if you’ve self-sabotage. Then you find this great guy. You might try to find everything wrong with him to make it not work again. Even if he’s perfect for you, he lets you be independent and respects your boundaries. You’ll think he’s being too nice or has a game plan against you.

Seriously, as humans, we do this! Change is scary, and significant change all at once is hard.

Don’t let moments like this hold you back from what you want. If all the pieces you purchased go together, they feel good. They fit that ultimate goal you are trying to achieve. It is meant to be in your closet. You deserve to wear and add that piece to your outfits and life.

Let’s go through some common buyer’s remorse feelings and work through them. Sometimes, these responses are valid, and sometimes, you find a way out of keeping a piece that looks good and will impact your style.

  1. The cost for that one piece is more than I paid for my last haircut
  2. It’s the wrong size
  3. I don’t think I’ll pull it out of my closet

If you have buyer’s remorse, give yourself time if needed. The majority of things you buy are not final sale. You can return them. This might be the first time you are investing in more or getting out of your comfort zone, and I acknowledge you for being in a place where you are ready to bring newness to your life. New is not always easy, but it does feel dang good on the other side when you embrace it. 

Thank you for spending time with me today and continuing to build a life and style that truly reflects you.

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Your Stylist,

tannya bernadette

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