New Styles DON’T work for me. What do I do?

You’re ready to do the thing. Update your style and embrace new changes. You may be getting into a new decade and ready for something more spicy, or you’re rebranding yourself because what you wear doesn’t feel aligned with how you want to show up anymore. Or you’re bored of wearing the same things and want to press restart and get a fresh wardrobe.

Whatever reason you’re in the shopping phase, you know that trying something new isn’t always this exciting, fun, instant love. Trying something can take time to adjust to, and walking into new experiences with an open mindset is really important.

You’ve looked online and in the store and feel nothing works for you. It’s not fitting your waist; it seems baggy, too tight, too long. What’s going on!!???

The reality is nothing is wrong with you. Styles have changed. Things have changed to a new look, meaning the clothing silhouettes are now different. There are SO many new pieces that look good on you, but your mindset might be attached to a past, which is not letting you move forward or see how these new pieces can be great for you.

I’ve worked through this with clients again and again. Some people are so open to the process that everything feels great and new, and they can see the vision of their present and future selves in the pieces. Then there are clients for whom it takes multiple sessions and some extra style coaching to help through the process. Still, they came out the other side so relieved with the patience and work we did together to update their style at a pace and way that felt great.

I want to share some mind blocks that might stop you from getting to the other side of your style as you shop.

I recently had someone I was working with who questioned everything from how to wear everything they tried on, where they would wear it, if the color was right, and everything else that crosses your mind as you shop.

Investing in new clothing can feel overwhelming, especially if you haven’t shopped in a long time or all at once.

Reminders as you try something new to help you through the blocked mindset you might feel as you shop.

  1. What is your ultimate style goal and personal goal? How will this new piece give you that new result?
  2. It’s not meant to feel right at first. You’ve been used to wearing a particular style for so long that it’s felt comfortable, and styles have changed. There are new pieces to try that still fit your body in a new way.
  3. New clothing styles look different. Don’t expect to find the cardigan you wore 7 years ago to be readily available.
  4. Don’t go with something so specific you can’t find anything you like when you shop.
  5. Don’t shop for the same things you already own. When you get home, you’ll feel like you didn’t even shop for new things because it all looks the same as your own.

Lastly, give it a test run. Wear it around the house, and put some complete outfits together, including shoes and jewelry. Sometimes, it takes a little while to see the whole picture.

I’m here to support you on your style journey. Continue building a life and style that truly reflects you.

Our team is here to support you. Schedule a free Discovery Call, share your style goals, and we can find just the right style package to give you the results you’ve been looking for.

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