Financial Tools as a Source of Inspiration with Shannon Weinstein

Shannon Weinstein is the queen of finances, and her ideas flow consistently. With a knack for making finance relatable, she’s on a mission to banish business owners’ stress by using financial tools as inspiration.

I met Shannon at The Girlfriends & Business Workshop with Lori Harder in Scottsdale. I loved her ideas for The Closet Edit. Especially her idea to have a QR code in my clients’ clothing so they could share it with others when they get compliments about what they wear. 

Shannon is a fractional CFO for business owners with big dreams, a CPA, and a teacher. She simplifies the financial side of the business so business owners like you can stop stressing and start scaling. 

She hosts the IRS’s least favorite podcast, Keep What You Earn, where she shares daily doses of financial wisdom. Her engaging presence as a speaker in business mentorship communities and masterminds makes her the go-to guru for all things finance.

So, who exactly is Shannon here to help, and when should they seek her expertise?

Shannon is your financial fairy godmother if you’re drowning in data but can’t understand it. She loves working with growth-minded, coachable business owners with a winning offer and a healthy curiosity for what lies ahead. When setting goals for the year, Shannon’s got your back. She believes financial tools should ignite inspiration, not fear, and she’s here to help you tune into your finances.

What about smart investments?

Shannon reframes the question by asking, “If I say yes to this, what am I saying no to?” Her strategic perspective helps business owners recognize the value of investing in their team’s training and focusing on initiatives to serve their long-term success. As a financial sage, she knows that the right investments can lay the groundwork for a thriving business.

Building good financial habits

Shannon likens the end-of-year tax scramble to asking a personal trainer for a last-minute miracle before your honeymoon. Instead of betting on a quick fix, Shannon advocates for year-round habits to keep your financial books in shape. By staying on top of your financial details and maintaining open communication with your tax advisor, you’ll set yourself up for success all year.

How has Shannon’s style shaped her journey?

Well, she is refreshingly real about it. With a “less-is-more” approach to fashion, she embraces the bare minimum without overthinking it. Her simple style philosophy has empowered her to be more present and visible, proving that you don’t need to overdo it to make a strong impact.




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