Simple Ways to FEEL beautiful

When was the last time you wore something you loved SO MUCH that you kept wanting to catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror? It made you feel like a brighter version of yourself that was more open and at ease.

Maybe it’s been so long you can’t remember, or you haven’t even felt beautiful in the longest time. My friend, this episode is to ignite a few quick actions to bring out the beauty so you can see yourself in the way you want to feel.

This topic came up when working with two clients last week who didn’t have clothing in their closet that they liked. In BOTH conversations, each client mentioned they wanted to feel beautiful. Both have gained weight, changed where they are, and want to align what they wear daily to make them feel put together.

Working through each client to help them find clothing that makes them smile, fits their body just right, and that they can imagine wearing frequently. That’s the ultimate goal.

But what if you’re not feeling beautiful? Here are some signs you are not feeling beautiful in your clothing and what you can do to feel more alluring.

You’re wearing clothing from a different decade of your life.

The time before you had children and you went out a lot. When you lived in a different city, you had another job where you had to wear a suit or professional clothing. If you wear clothing from a different decade, you’re not aligned with the woman you are today, and it’s time to step it up and change things. Of course, if it’s a beautiful Chanel piece, keep it. But if it’s regular clothing, take it out.

You have a blazer or suit in your closet from an interview years ago.

If you ever have to wear a suit again, I can promise you, you won’t want to wear that suit that feels dated and out of touch. It doesn’t make sense to wear it. You’ll feel subconscious. Put it away and find a new suit (only when the occasion arises).

You wear clothing that is too small or too big. 

When clothing doesn’t fit right, it automatically makes you feel self-conscious about yourself. You’re running errands, but you’re thinking, why am I wearing this shirt again? It makes me feel sloppy. This is a shirt I wear around the house. Then you run into someone you know. You want to stay and chat, but you’re feeling self-conscious about your appearance.

It’s awesome to connect with people, but you put a block on yourself because you’re not feeling good in what you’re wearing.

What you can do to make you feel beautiful:

  1. Put a little brow on

Do one thing to your face to make yourself feel beautiful. For me, it’s to put a little brow on. If you don’t do a lot of makeup, you can also get fake lashes. Stick them on your eyes or have them done professionally.

2. Get a good haircut

There’s something about getting a haircut that makes you feel like a new person. I have a new client who will start working with us after she gets a new haircut. She said making decisions for herself will be easier because she feels more confident.

3. Wear clothing that feels good

The first session with clients is creating a base for your wardrobe. We get into the nitty gritty for clients who are style members, even figuring out what undergarments they wear. How long has it been since they bought a new bra? What about no-show underwear? What bra will give them a lift without pinching?

People prioritize this less, but undergarments and loungewear are important to consider. Because more people are working from home, finding good loungewear that you can walk around the house in and leave the house and still feel cute.

Now I want to hear from YOU. Share in the comments: what do you do to feel beautiful?

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Your Stylist,

tannya bernadette

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