How To Wear A Cardigan Three Ways

Cardigans have always been a fan favorite. What’s not to like? They’re soft, stylish, and comfortable! However, you may be wearing cardigans the wrong way. It’s easy to stay in your comfort zone with dated pieces and even intimidating to try new styles. But trust me, you’ll never go back after trying these three new ways to wear a cardigan!

Slouchy cardigans are my personal favorite. It’s like you’re wearing a blanket! This is also the best style cardigan to layer with. Try wearing a button-up or T-shirt underneath for a relaxed look. There are many silhouettes to choose from. They can be boxy, oversized, or more tapered at the waist with a low v-neckline. Experiment with the different cuts and find what fits your style and body best.


If Slouchy cardigans haven’t worked for you and you feel too frumpy, try a Ribbed cardigan for a more classic, chic, and fitted look. You still get all the comfort and softness without being oversized. The ribbed fabric is also an easy way to add texture to your wardrobe. Style it as a top or layer with a tight-fitting cami and some jewelry.


I’m sure you’ve seen Cropped cardigans all over this season’s racks. It is trending now more than ever for all the right reasons. Throw on a pair of high-waisted pants and a cardigan that sits right on your waist, and you have yourself the perfect combo. Cropped anything can be intimidating. The key is experimenting with different lengths and styles and finding what works best for you; you won’t regret it.

JCREW Cardigan

Let’s not forget about J.Crew cardigans! They have their own unique charm and style. J.Crew is known for its classic and preppy aesthetic, and its cardigans are no exception. Whether it’s a chunky knit, a button-up style, or something with a pop of color, J.Crew offers cardigans that elevate any outfit.

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