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It’s what all my clients are waiting for – FALL SHOPPING! I love the sunshine and fun summer getaways, but fall fashion is designer heaven, and I can’t wait to share what you need to add to your shopping checklist. If you’ve worked with me or with my team, you have a good foundation set in your wardrobe and can integrate some new styles into your looks.

Adding new trends is a great way to modernize and freshen up your wardrobe for the season.
My PERSONAL favorites I’ve already added to my looks are tall boots and big florals. I can’t wait to hear what you enjoy most from the list.

Shop the inspiration below, and for a more inclusive look and what to buy for fall, pre-order your copy of the Fall Shopping Guide with the complete budget and luxury shopping picks—everything from tops to shoes to bracelets. You’ll get the stylist-approved inventory of the top pieces to refresh your wardrobe.


For shoes to purchase, these are a definite must. Especially if you wear skirts and dresses, you’ll want to add this in rotation to your ankle booties. If you love a classic look, get a sleek, clean option that doesn’t distract you. If your style is more playful, don’t be afraid of getting something colorful or in a texture like snakeskin.


Chanel // Fall Ready-to-Wear 2023 

  • These beauties show how important tall boots are this season; Chanel’s studded, big, statement boots are a sign. Don’t be afraid to get something bold.

Elie Saab // Fall Ready-to-Wear 2023 

  • Getting boots in a color other than the safe neutral is an option. Especially with all the color blocking, you’ll find multiple color options to pair with your new boots.

My Shopping Recommendation:

Jeffrey Campbell Zira Boots// $200

  • Jeffery Campbell has such comfortable and beautiful shoes. My feet don’t fit designer shoes very well, so it’s a gold mine when I find a brand I can wear. I love the snakeskin texture because it adds depth to my solids and can easily pair with prints.

Tony Bianco Fantasy Heeled Boot // $360

  • Tony Bianco’s heels are so nice, and the sleekness of the leather is beautiful. It is slightly slouchy and so comfortable as well. Suitable for an overall classic look.


If there is one color you want to invest in when fall shopping, it’s red. There are red shoes, sweaters, tops, and everything. And the best part is you can tone it down with beige or brown pants. 


Bottega Veneta // Fall Ready-to-Wear 2023 

  • Bottega Veneta Shoes are the center of the outfit. It’s paired with a neutral monochromatic look, and the shoes steal the show.

Hermes // Fall Ready-to-Wear 2023 

  • Hermes, Silk skirt, shimmer long sleeve top, and the belt, matching boots. This outfit is everything; it’s bold, it’s bright. It shows you can leap in life right now and is exciting. The Hermes boots were a big staple in EVERY look in multiple colors. I can’t get enough of the tall boots this season.

My Shopping Recommendation:

Alice + Olivia Latoya Sleeveless Blazer Mini Dress // $465

  • You can always find good colors at Alice and Olivia. This piece is a personal fav of mine, and I’m all for this dress style. 

Norma Kamali Drop Shoulder Top // $85

  • Norma Kamali’s drop-shoulder top is a lovely everyday red piece. Wear it with a skirt or jeans on a date night, or layer your favorite blazer over it.


I’m a sucker for some good office looks. My blazer collection is wild because it brings together my look. I’m always looking for new office wear pieces to integrate, and this season, we aren’t short of options. There are skirts, dresses, and blazers that are tailored yet relaxed. It’s a beautiful combination.


Victoria Beckham // Fall Ready-to-Wear 2023 

  • Victoria Beckham’s blue suit’s head-to-toe playfulness reached new heights as a designer after creating pieces people trusted for so long. She’s been able to expand her design palette, and I love it! I’ve always been a fan of hers.

Victoria Beckham // Fall Ready-to-Wear 2023

  • Victoria Beckham, oversized blazer worn as a dress. Genius and classy. I have yet to try this, but it’s definitely on my list of outfits this season. When I saw Eva Longoria rock this look and read it was a piece by Victoria Beckham, I was so excited to see what her collection would look like for fall.

My Shopping Recommendation:

Vince Crepe Double Breasted Blazer // $625

  • The Vince Double crepe jacket feels like heaven when you wear it. It’s SO comfortable. And it looks great with jeans or work. I’m in love!

Veronica Beard Afton Dress // $498

  • The Veronica Beard wrap dress with the gold ring. It’s my favorite work staple to wear under all the blazers. It is slightly sexy, but I can’t help but find an excellent polished wrap dress.


It’s all about the ease and clothing that will hold up multiple wears and washes. I’ve had my go-to high-end staples, and I can’t get enough of the pieces I’ve invested in. You can do more mid-priced items, too, and still pull off this look. 


Gucci // Fall Ready-to-Wear 2023

  • Gucci went casual but in the most luxurious way—the perfect staples to mix and match with other closet essentials. People want quality, and designers are catering to this. I love the relaxed look, so 90s. Showing some pieces can be timeless.

Rokh // Fall Ready-to-Wear 2023

  • Rokh shares an inspiring collection of business wear mixed with bras, sheer pieces, and denim that folds over to show that life right now is a mix. It’s an illusion we create from working in our private spaces, and that office wear gets to be what we bring to our imagination. I love the concept, and the look of the oversized coat layered over a jacket and the lace dress and see-through shoes. 

My Shopping Recommendation:

Anine Bing Sloan Shirt // $250

  • Anine Bing has ultimate cool girl vibes; you can’t go wrong with her pieces. Use this shirt as a jacket with trousers and sneakers or jeans. 

Favorite Daughter The Helen Top // $188

  • Favorite Daughter is a recent discovery for me, and they offer the most luxe staples; I’m a huge fan. They have a ribbed top with slits on the side; It’s a great item for every day.


In terms of silhouettes, fabrics, lace, sheer clothing, no pants. Romance comes in many forms, and depending on what feels right for you, you can integrate a delicate sheer bomber jacket or a full-on 90s-inspired ruffle dress. Either way, you will feel romantic in your look of choice.


Tom Ford // Fall Ready-to-Wear 2023

  • Tom Ford’s sheer dress is sheer but pure elegance. Very few designers I’ve seen create the balance of romance and sheer last season; this takes my breath away.

Chanel // Fall Ready-to-Wear 2023

  • Chanel’s lace top is a beautiful romantic piece.

Giambattista Valli // Fall Ready-to-Wear 2023

  • Giambattista Valli put together the most elegant styling for a work suit and softened it with a lace-type overlay fabric with hearts. He was bringing the feminine to the hard, bold styles of the traditional suit.

My Shopping Recommendation:

Anthropologie Dolan Organza Bomber Jacket // $118

  • Sheer Organza jacket at Anthropologie by Dolan layered over a tee or a dress. It’s dreamy.

Vince Bias Slip Skirt // $325

  • Vince slip skirt, there’s nothing more romantic and easy to wear than a slip skirt. You can pair it with a chunky sweater, crop sweater, or lace body suit. 


Fashion has leaned a lot towards solids; it’s nice to see abstract prints and florals returning to designs. The big florals are more sophisticated and luxurious than the tiny little florals that sometimes feel off. I love the darker background and the contrast of the florals on top; it’s dramatic, romantic, and sultry.


Miu Miu // Fall Ready-to-Wear 2023

  • Miu Miu, the floral cardigan, is colorful, bold, and retro. It’s less functional and more fun for a dreary day. The theme was to show the cracks in elegance and make you question what you wear, like leaving your pants behind. Or go out with your hair slightly undone. 

Johanna Ortiz // Fall Ready-to-Wear 2023

  • This is my first time viewing Johanna’s collection, but I’m intrigued! She lives in Cali, Columbia, where it’s always hot and the dancing is spicy. Her designers were all body skimming, nothing too oversized or tight. Just elegant.

My Shopping Recommendation:

Anthropologie Eva Franco Lace Floral Blouse // $128

  • Anthropologie Eva Franco floral top, a mix of florals and polka dots, is sheer and comes in multiple colors. It’s a beautiful going-out piece that you can wear with a faux leather skirt or jacket.

Ted Bake Theera Floral Blouse with Ladde Lace // $195

  • Ted Baker’s signature is florals; they have this beautiful dark background blouse with big lavender flowers. It’s gorgeous and a great statement piece for work or a night out.

Are you ready for fall shopping? Which fall piece are you the most excited about? Let me know in the comments!

Some of the links above are affiliate links. You will not pay a cent more for the items, but it will provide me with a little commission.

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  1. The lace floral and polka dot blouse is my favorite piece! And of course all the boots!

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