4 Secrets Your Closet Will Reveal

Did you even know that your closet has secrets waiting to reveal themselves to you?

I know it seems like a strange concept but stay with me for a sec as I explain why this is so important.

Back in the day, 13 years ago to be exact, I started shopping for clients and opened up my styling business. A lot of times, we would skip the closet altogether and go straight to shopping because that’s what clients were really excited about! Getting new clothes to feel like they had something to wear and ignore the real problem….their closet.

There was a pattern as we went shopping. The direction we were taking as we purchased pieces was a bit unclear, there wasn’t a set plan in place. 

Yes, I found great clothing for them.

Yes, clients wore their clothing, but….

there was so much more left to learn about their past shopping habits including where they felt lost in their style and the clutter they had accumulated throughout the years and why this was happening.

This new revelation changed the direction of how I styled clients! The closet became the key to understanding the clients needs, even if they felt like NOTHING from their closet worked for them anymore. Taking inventory and getting to the why, were important in creating a shopping plan. 

I want you to know the 4 secrets because it will change the way you view your personal style and how you want to approach shopping. Here are the four secrets your closet will reveal.

Secret #1: What you Have Enough of?

You might even know this without having to look into your closet! This could be a color, a certain style shirt, a certain pant, or type of shoe. What you have enough of is essentially, what you don’t need to shop for anymore. Sometimes these pieces accumulate in your closet because you know it fits right and you just kept buying that kind of style again and again. It could also be that you haven’t known what else you could try so you wore that style for years but now you’re feeling like you need a new look that fits your life and body today. 


Secret # 2: What are the gaps in your wardrobe?

In your closet you’ll find a certain kind of clothing that’s easy for you to pick up and buy. Then you’ll find a certain kind of clothing that is more challenging and you feel you need more of. Let’s say jeans are hard for you to find so you only have a few pairs but you have a ton of short sleeve shirts. Your gap might be other pant options outside of jeans, long sleeve shirts, or a combination. The gaps are what you want to look for immediately when you shop to help you create more outfits. The gaps could also be what’s missing. If you put together an outfit and always feel like you don’t have the right cardigan or jacket to finish off that look, that is a gap you need to fill in your wardrobe. 


Secret #3 What to avoid?

These are the pieces sitting at a standstill in your closet. Do some editing to get to the bottom of why you aren’t wearing them anymore. The answers you get will give you a clear understanding of what to avoid later on when you’re shopping. It could be that all the clothes you wore to the office you no longer need, the blazers, or even a certain color. It’s as important to know what DOESN’T work for you as what DOES work for you. What doesn’t work for you should be avoided when you shop. You don’t want to purchase anymore pieces that you don’t wear anymore.


Secret #4 What to look for?

Lastly, pull out what you’ve been wearing most often. Why are those pieces ones you continually pick up. What is it about it that makes it comfortable or that draws you to it? You won’t want to find the EXACT replicas of this when you shop but what makes this piece something you wear often, you want to keep in mind the elements of it. It could be the color, the fabric, the neckline, how it fits on your waist, or anything else that makes this piece a constant go-to.


Now it’s your turn to get in your closet and find out what secrets it has to reveal! 



Evaluating your closet will give you a sense of direction and change what you pick up and add to your closet next time you shop. To get my worksheets  and the step-by-step process to learn to do this and more, I’ve created an online program Style Refresh. Find the tools you need to build a wardrobe you love. I’ve included special bonuses because I want you to get the most out of this program. The top two are:

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As always, I’m here to support you on your style journey!

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