What You Need to Know about Sleep Training with Natalie Willes

I didn’t know baby sleep training was a thing. 


When I hung out with other moms I was so surprised to hear their babies went to bed at 7 pm and woke up at 7 am! That was bananas to me. My little girl went to bed (in my bed of course) around 10 pm and woke up at 9 am. My way of dealing with it was making excuses. I’d think, “I’m an entrepreneur and she has that spirit” or “only moms that have a partner can do sleep training because they have help.” I didn’t want to face my real fears behind doing it on my own.


Noelani’s father and I separated when she was tiny-only 9 months old. My excuse at first was that I didn’t want her to feel any less loved. I also felt the loneliness of being on my own. Having her next me and her sweet cuddles gave me comfort during the beginning of my parenting journey on my own. The second most hardest thing to overcome was a personal trauma of mine from the past. Hearing her cry in a closed room by herself brought back my own memories of a traumatic experience and I never wanted her to feel like I was punishing her or ignoring her feelings. 



Fast forward many months later, at 23 months old, I finally had the strength to do this hard thing. I searched online for this ‘baby sleep trainer’ I had heard about and found many helpful resources. There was a YouTube video that had caught my attention with Natalie Willis and Susan Yara. There was something in her voice that sounded comforting. I also liked her method, so I thought I’d give it a try. 


Noelani now sleeps on her own in her crib. I get a couple hours in the evening to myself to write and I sleep so much better. I had forgotten what it was like to sleep through the night. I thought it was normal at this point to be waking up a few times each night. It doesn’t have to be, though, if your baby learns to sleep on their own.  


The package I went through included weekly support for a month. I found that so helpful in doing this alone. I needed to feel like there was someone who would keep me accountable and could answer my questions along the way.


Natalie Willies is THE Baby Sleep Trainer. If you Google this, you’ll find her Instagram account, Youtube, and website. Her online programs are for newborns to 3.5 years old. The programs provide one-on-one coaching to create a customized sleep plan with you and your living environment in mind. I am so grateful I had the chance to have her on the podcast to share more about her sleep training tips and her background on how she got started.




Topics We Covered on What you Need to Know About Baby Sleep Training


This episode is helpful for moms that are looking for tips on getting a good night’s rest again. Yes, it’s totally possible! Listen in for all the tips and more. 


  • The difference between reading a baby sleep training book and going through an online program
  • When is the right time to start working with a baby sleep trainer?
  • What method Natalie uses to baby sleep train
  • Advice for moms going through sleepless nights
  • How long should your baby be sleeping at different stages


Some Personal Takeaways from Talking With Natalie Willes


Solutions to your own problems can help thousands of people

The great start to a business idea is solving a problem that you needed a solution to. I love her story of how she started and ended up helping so many people. She was determined to find a way to get her baby to sleep, read all the books, did her research, and came up with a strategy to help moms feel more rested. If you ever have something you are determined to figure out, that solution can become your passion project.


Big goals don’t happen overnight

Natalie’s personal story about how she lost weight is really inspiring. She never gave up on trying to find a workout that fit her lifestyle and kept her motivated. In 10 years she tried multiple gyms and workout routines until she stuck with one she could really incorporate in her life and enjoy.  This is no advertisement for the company, but Orange Theory was the gym that ended up helping her change her confidence and body. I had heard of them before and didn’t realize they create a custom workout plan for you. This is a great reminder to myself while I work through big projects this year to stay focused. To achieve a goal, you sometimes have to go at it in different ways to get the result you want, which means there is a lot of trial and error involved. But if you know what you want in the end, you’ll find a way to get to it.


Listen to the podcast episode to get Natalie’s sleep tips and learn more about her baby sleep training method. Comment below with your favorite insights and tag us on Instagram @tannyabstyle and @babysleeptrainer


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