3 Common Style Mistakes Men Make

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Shopping for men’s clothing seems like it would be an easy task but I have a lot of clients who need help with what to buy. Especially men that work in the tech industry. Men really start to lose their sense of style in casual environments like Microsoft or Amazon, because the expectation is set to such a low standard. I find that after a few years in that kind of space, they start to feel less confident in what they wear on dates, evenings out with friends, or even day-to-day.




1. When they find something they like, they buy it in every color 

Men are creatures of habit and ease. Usually fashion is the last thing they want to think about. Some men have their wives/moms shop for them. Others go into a store where they know a sales associate who picks up everything they need. However they like to shop, one thing that’s for sure, they will stick to what works.

Once they find something they believe fits well or feels comfortable (like they want to wear it everyday) they get it in EVERY COLOR!


2. Their clothing is worn until it’s literally falling apart and then they shop again

If you’re a man reading this, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re a woman who lives with a man, you know what I’m talking about. You’ll buy him a new tee shirt, but he still holds onto that old favorite that’s faded. It even has a small hole in it. It could totally go in the trash, but he still wants to wear it.

Even after a guy client hires me, he’ll wear his clothing for a couple years. He’ll wait until his pieces look totally worn before hiring me again. Then I get a random email that says, “Hey let’s do the whole process over again!”


3. They wear clothing they like, regardless of fit

Fit isn’t the primary factor of whether they like the piece or not. It’s how comfortable it is. Is it practical? Do the pockets actually fit their wallet and keys? Is the pocket in the right place? Does it have a hood?

These are the actual deciding factors of whether or not they take an item home.

Fit is essential in menswear. Especially because a man’s closet consists of more basic items and less frill compared to women’s options.



Mens Outfit Ideas

Click here to see the styling experience with Richard


Shopping Experience with Richard

I recently got to help my friend, Richard Meharry find a few new outfits for the season. Let me just say that Richard is actually a very stylish man but he wanted to hire a personal shopper. I’m sharing this with you because he still received the same benefits from the experience as someone who doesn’t enjoy shopping would.




  1. New Stores and Brands – Even people that enjoy fashion get comfortable with similar stores and brands. I took him out of the normal big box shopping experience. Our shopping trip started at Seattle Thread Company, one of the last men’s boutiques in the Seattle area. He got to try on clothing by Jeremiah American Legacy, Raffi, and Alberto. I also took him to Nordstrom at the end to get a suit for work.
  2. New Outfit Ideas – One of my favorite parts of shopping is actually showing clients the versatility of one piece. I was able to put together outfits Richard hadn’t thought of before, in the video you hear him say, “I wouldn’t have thought to put this together but it works!”
  3. Saved Him Time – Shopping, putting together outfits, finding new styles to try all takes time. Even if you are fashion savvy it’s helpful to have another perspective to save you time from having to figure it out on your own.


There are many reasons to work with a stylist whether you are fashion savvy or building a whole new wardrobe from scratch.


I’m here to support you!

P.S. If you’ve been reading this and want to finally bring together your look, we can work together online or in person.

Getting a new wardrobe that reflects you, that fits together well, and has a mix of comfort and style is totally achievable! You don’t have to try to do it on your own.

Schedule a free Discovery Call to share with me what you’re struggling with and what your style goals are.


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