Stop Trying to Make it Work

quote of the day stop trying to make it work

Did you need to hear this today?

I’m giving you permission to let go, don’t make it work. Don’t twist and bend yourself  and make that one piece work that just doesn’t.

It’s ok if the tags are still on. It’s ok if you only wore it once.

Take it out of your closet ASAP. When you hold onto something from your past, you’re not able to move forward. You can’t fully step into who you are when you are trying to wear pieces that don’t align with you anymore.

Stop Making it Work


1. It Cost You Money

Yes, sometimes looking at all the pieces that you take out of your closet is a little overwhelming because you think, “how did I buy all of these things.” Even though that go-away pile is bigger than you expected, it can really liberate you. Next time you’re about to add that extra sale item to your shopping cart, you’ll pause and think twice.

2. What if I Wear it Again?

Or……what if we don’t? When you look at something from 2, 5 or 10 years ago what makes you realistically think you’d want to actually wear it again? Let’s say you have a suit that you want to keep in case you have an interview. If you did have an interview, wouldn’t you want to wear something that represents you? Makes you feel your very best so you can feel confident?

That suit hanging in your closet that’s collected dust with crazy pleats and an 80s style you just can’t rock definitely won’t cut it.

Just something to think about.

3. It’s a Great Designer Piece

Doesn’t matter if it’s a designer piece or a sale item for $20. That label slapped on the piece does hold more value but as you evolve, so does your style and not every piece you own will pass the test of time.

Holding onto something that doesn’t if your body or your lifestyle isn’t something you need to have with you. Looking at that designer piece hanging everyday will also just remind you how much money you spent on something you don’t wear, don’t keep that kind of energy in your closet.

4. The Tags are Still On

This happens to everyone, don’t feel guilty about it. You buy something with your daughter or girlfriends and when you were in the store you really liked it. Then you got home and thought, “what was I actually thinking, that’s not even me?”

It’s hard to let go of items that have tags on them but remember that you don’t want to make it fit if it doesn’t make you feel your best. Making shopping mistakes is human! You don’t have to guilt trip yourself when you do it, just learn and move on.

These are all excuses we use to justify why we should hold onto something in our closet even if it doesn’t make sense in our lives anymore.

Just like you can’t make a shoe fit, don’t make it work when it doesn’t.

Letting go of clothing, of toxic people or anything in your life that isn’t serving you anymore will  actually give you more room to breathe and one less thing to think about.

Why would you want to open up your closet and have those unworn, unnecessary items staring at you reminding you of what you paid and just stressing you out that you aren’t wearing.

Let it go.

What item do you feel you now have permission to take out of your closet right now? I hope it’s more than one piece! Share in the comments below, I love hearing from you.

Your stylist,

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