How to Swap Out Seasonal Clothes: Organize Your Closet for Fall

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With the changing seasons, I’m swapping out my clothes by putting away my spring and summer items, and making way for the comfy sweaters and beautiful layers I put away last year.


Do you also keep your closet organized by season?


Doing a seasonal clothing swap is a total wardrobe game-changer. Each season, you feel like you have a whole new closet when you switch items out… because you do!



In March 2019, I found out I was pregnant, so I didn’t even get to wear my favorite fall and winter pieces last year. When I unpacked these items from storage, it was like opening up a treasure chest!


Also, I totally forgot that I stored away dresses, tops, and other items that I wouldn’t be able to wear while I was pregnant. I wanted to make sure my closet only had items I could wear so I wouldn’t go to get dressed and feel sadness over everything that was way too small for my pregnant body.


Opening up my storage bin of fall items to swap out seasonal clothes was a huge pick-me-up this week. I totally needed that lift! I got to play dress up and try on all my old favorites again.


Here’s how to swap out your seasonal clothes for fall and winter!



Prepare Clothes for Your Seasonal Swap

Before you put your spring and summer pieces away, make sure everything is washed or dry cleaned. This is an important reminder! You do not want to have any surprises of foul-smelling clothing or mold when you take out your items from storage when the weather gets warmer.



Where To Store Off-Season Clothing

Depending on your living situation, you can store your pieces:


  • In baskets above your current clothes in your closet
  • In plastic bins in storage
  • In bins under your bed, or
  • By hanging off-season clothes in another closet


Spring and Summer Items to Put Away

Yes, a lot of items can be worn year-round, but here are some definite no-no’s that should be stored for fall and winter:


Short sleeve lace tops

Short Sleeve Tops


Open-toed wedges

Open Toed Wedges



Beach Wear


Summer shorts

Summer Shorts


Tropical prints

Tropical Prints


Anything linen

Anything Linen



Lightweight jackets

Lightweight Jackets


Lightweight pants

Lightweight Pants


Your turn! What pieces do you put away for fall and winter? Share in the comments below.


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