How to Scale Your Side Hustle to a 6 or 7-Figure Business

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Are you looking to scale your side hustle and grow your business? Or, have you been thinking about starting up your own business? 


There is nothing I love more than talking to entrepreneurs about what it takes to scale their side hustle and current businesses. It’s even more fun to discuss crazy business ideas—the crazier, the better! 




Today’s Lifepreneur Project guest is Angie Garner, bestselling author of Time Millionaire: Create More Time for the Things You Love with the Ultimate Side Hustle. Angie is the leader of a 7-figure sales organization and the host of the MLM-Pire podcast. She is crazy-ambitious, yet humble and down to earth. Every Facebook post she makes feels like a friend just sharing great content with you. Seriously, it’s the best.





Topics We Covered on Scaling Your Side Hustle


Here are the topics and questions we covered in this episode. This episode is jam-packed with resources, so make sure to listen!


  • When is it a good time to make an investment in your business?
  • What’s the #1 problem new business owners experience?
  • How network marketing allowed her to travel the world for 8 months.
  • What stops entrepreneurs from hitting the 6 and 7 figure mark.
  • The new way of doing network marketing.



Some Personal Takeaways from Talking With Angie Garner on How To Scale Your Side Hustle:


1. Planning is Key


Working in a place of chaos means working in a place where you are reactive instead of proactive. No lie, the past few weeks with the launch of my third workshop, The Shopping Formula, I was in a place of chaos trying my best to keep up with creating content for my blog, Instagram, and Facebook as I was trying to work on the marketing of the workshop. It felt like having an extra business. 

After talking to Angie though, I had a team meeting and we took care of the chaos. This was such a good reminder for me to take time to sit, breathe, and put a plan into practice.


2. Forget Praise: Stay True to Who You Are


If you’re running your business or side hustle for praise, you are in the wrong business.

Isn’t it crazy how social media can get us swept up into the comments and likes we get?

It’s important to stay true to who you are. Post what aligns with you and your business and let go of the need for constant praise.


3. What Really Makes an Entrepreneur


Angie mentioned that when you’re an entrepreneur at heart, it doesn’t matter what level you reach, because you’ll always be excited about the next thing.

I never heard it put like that, but it’s true. That’s really what sets an entrepreneur apart: the excitement to risk it all, try something new, and to keep going even when something you created doesn’t quite turn out how you hoped.

Listen to the podcast episode to get Angie’s incredible insights and learn how to scale your side hustle. Comment below with your favorite insights!


Listen to this episode






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Let’s get to the conversation….


What was your biggest takeaway from this episode with Angie Garner? Sharing is the best way of putting what you learn into action and retaining all that valuable information you just took in. Tag me @TannyaBStyle and Angie @Angie.Garner on your Instagram stories and let us know what your thoughts are. It’s like a virtual podcast club, it’s nice to have people to talk to about all the cool stuff you learn. 


Thank you for spending time with me today, Remember that every day is a new day to make a positive change in your life. Be the light in your life and the community Lifepreneur. I’ll catch you next time on the Lifepreneur Project Podcast.


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