What It Takes To Create a Seriously Happy Home

what it takes to create a seriously happy home

You CAN turn your home into that feel-good place that you desire, and you do have what it takes to create a seriously happy home. Being confined to four walls this past month has really put me in the mood to move things around and get creative on making more space. Here’s a little secret not many people knowback in high school I was contemplating going to college for interior design! Unfortunately, I took one auto-cad class and realized, nope—this is not my jam. But I still have a love for watching home makeover shows, saving my favorite home ideas on Pinterest, and admiring DIY projects I’ll never actually do in real life. 

Lucky for me, I can live vicariously through all the great content created by Rebecca West, an award-winning interior designer who’s been featured in Success Magazine, Seattle Refined, Uniquely Northwest, and more. 

Thirteen years ago, Rebecca looked around her house and realized I can’t keep living like this. She transformed her home into the space of her dreams, and she didn’t let her recent-divorce budget stop her! Since then, she’s been on a mission to help people find happiness in life by making happiness at home.  

Rebecca uses design psychology to help people create homes that encourage them to achieve their goals. She empowers homeowners to create spaces that ignore the “rules” and simply make them happy. 

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Hot Topics:

-What it takes to decorate your home on a small budget

-Finding permission to follow through with your ideas

-The trick to decorating your home when you and your partner have different aesthetics

-How your home could be blocking you from achieving your goals

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Tips to create a seriously happy home:

Work with your partner by visually communicating your style ideas. Not going to lie, I’ve had trouble trying to decorate while meshing with my partner’s style. I love pretty, feminine, clean-looking designs, and he asked to paint one of the walls red. To try and find a middle ground, we’re going to schedule a Pinterest date to find a reliable visual that can translate his ideas to mine. 

Sometimes, you need someone to give you permission to follow through on your idea. In business, I’m great at this. Design? Not so much. I don’t know design, but I know something when I like it. I’ve been wanting to hang my photos differently, and I finally did it!

Your home can be stopping you from achieving your goals. I’ve been doing videos regardless of what the background looks like, but I’ve been wanting to do something with the wall in the living room. Painting is a lot of work, and what if I don’t like the color afterwards? Based on Rebecca’s interview, I decided to get wallpaper. We’ll see how it goes. 

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If you want to find out more about Rebecca, visit her at her website or on her Instagram page.

Until next time, Lifepreneurs! Remember that every day is a new day to make a positive change in your personal and work life.


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