Athleisure Wear 101

Athleisure wear, this term has been used a lot in the past few months but what is it really? How do you even pull off a look like this? How do you pull off athleisure wear in general?

I want to share examples you can wear that will make you feel comfortable enough to leave the house, while feeling put together. This fashion trend has been around for quite some time, especially now that we are all at home. It’s a perfect way to look dressed while being quarantine at home. Below are four different ways you can style the athleisure trend!

Bomber Jacket + White T-shirt +Grey Legging

Similar Pieces:

Biker shorts + Short Sleeve Top

Similar Pieces: 

Tapered Drawstring Pants + Sweatshirt

Similar Pieces:

Hope this Fashion look book gave you a way to feel inspired and a different meaning of what athleisure is in general. It’s the perfect way to feel put together while running errands, staying at home or just feeling good. Let me know what was your favorite Look Book Style you would wear?
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