How to Grow Your Business with Focus and Faith

Desiree Hartsock’s whole career has revolved around the industry of love beginning with helping brides find their perfect dress as a bridal stylist. You might also know her as the girl next door Bachelorette from season 9 who’s also become an author of  ‘My fairytale wedding’ and now the owner and bridal gown designer of Desiree Hartsock Bridal located in Portland, Oregon.

What really made this interview special is the fact that Desiree had her little one with her. Zander is only a few months old and he was ready to get in on our conversation too! Having him present really tied into our conversation about growing your business in the midst of change. As I am waiting for my first baby, it’s been super motivating being around mom’s that continue moving towards their vision. It becomes important to accomplish more in little spurts of time and using any free time wisely. You can’t see it in the podcast, but during the interview she had to breastfeed the baby and take care of her dog. It’s reassuring to see that moms have super powers to run businesses and take care of life at home.



  • What’s in store for the future of online bridal shopping and retail in general
  • Learn your business as you go
  • Focusing on priorities to succeed as a creative entrepreneur
  • When is the right time to start your business
  • Getting through the slow sales months




TANNYA: We know you from the Bachelorette but, there’s so much more to your journey and story that I think really help define who you are today. It’s nice to finally meet you, I’m so bummed I missed you when you had your space in Ballard. 

DESIREE: Yes, we were in Ballard 6 or  7 years but now we moved to Portland. Chris grew up in Portland and all his family is here. Asher (her son) has cousins his age so it will be nice for them to all grow up together.

TANNYA: I want to know more about how you started? Your heart has been set on love, romance, and weddings long before you were even on the show. What created the spark of going into the wedding industry?

DESIREE: Well around age 16, I knew I wanted to design dresses, but I didn’t understand or know I wanted to go into bridal until I went to design school. I don’t even know what sparked it, I just had always loved dresses. When I started thinking about what direction I wanted to go in design, I just really fell in love with bridal. I love the meaning of weddings and that it’s not just a dress for anything. It’s one of a kind and it’s the most special dress of your life. It’s a really fun industry and I love everything behind it. It’s really fun to design dresses and especially see them walk down the aisle.

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