What to Store for Fall

I love to put away my summer pieces to make room for all the layers and cozy styles for fall. It’s a way to say goodbye to one season and open up another for new adventures and possibilities. I started doing this 8 years ago after opening up my consignment shop. I saw the importance of keeping what you need in reach and putting away what you didn’t need at the moment. This created room for the new items coming in and it also wasn’t practical to have everything out that clients weren’t going to purchase anymore.

I can’t imagine going back to having everything in the same space again!

Now that the days are getting cooler and the Seattle rain has returned, I knew it was time to start putting away the items I’m not going to wear for fall. Which in my case, includes a whole lot more than normal because I’m pregnant. But I thought I’d share my method with you.

I hope you find joy in this process because I totally do! Opening up what you have next season will make you feel like you have a whole new wardrobe. If you’d like to get my guide on How to Edit Your Closet Like A Pro, you’ll get a couple worksheets to help you organize along the way!

  • What to store
  • How to store your items
  • Where to put away your off season pieces


“Make sure all your items are clean before getting them stored. Read the labels too so you don’t damage your pieces by sticking them all in the washer. If your shoes have any dirt build up, also give them a quick scrub and dry. This will avoid any pieces smelling, building up mold, or creating stains on your clothing.”

-Master Stylist, Tannya Bernadette

There are pieces that can transition into fall and winter but here’s a list of items I personally put away for the season.



If you are someone that….

  • doesn’t travel to other climates for work
  • don’t need access to your items until next season

you can store your pieces in bins that fit under your bed, in bins that can go into your storage unit, or nice decorative baskets high up in your closet.

If you DO need access to your items for travel, you can have all the off season items to one side of your closet or in a whole other closet in your home.

“Keep your items smelling fresh by placing dry softeners in between the clothing that you store.”

– Master Stylist, Tannya Bernadette


Keep these hung in garment bag so they don’t collect dust or wrinkle. I personally like the bags with a clear window so you can easily see what’s inside without having to open it up.

As for storage bins, find ones that are see through as well and are shut closed with the extra latch for protection. When moving things around it would be horrible for it all to fall out! Also, label them with stickers and a list of what kind of items are inside. You don’t have to list everything but put some of the important items that are really important to you or you love, just in case you need to get something out.

For Example:

Summer Cardigans + Jackets

  • stripe Nic + Zoe cardigan
  • khaki 3/4 jacket
  • linen blush blazer



Do….store your items in a place that is dry, clean, and away from sunlight

Do NOT… store your clothing in a basement or outside because you’ll find mold everywhere when you open it up again!

Now get a glass of bubbly and go through your closet! I know this will make it easier to get dressed and feel organized for the season.



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