What it REALLY takes to be a blogger


What’s it really like to be a blogger? Being an influencer is still a fairly new career and today’s guest is the lady herself Jenn Haskins from Hellorigby. It was super insightful to hear all the strategies that really go into blogging and creating Instagram content. As a personal shopper, I work on social media but not to the extent that bloggers do. I was super intrigued to hear about what really happens behind the scenes and how she separates her real life to her influencer life.


The real secret that Jenn shared is that if you have the desire in you to become a blogger, just do it! Life is too short and you’ll just keep wondering what if. Better to find out now if it doesn’t work out for you than wishing you could of started. It can be overwhelming to take the first step but Jenn learned about the business side along the way.  Hellorigby really started as a passion project to create an online community that ended up growing with time. Don’t pressure yourself into going all in if you aren’t financially there yet. See happens as you go.




  • Deciding when to leave your full time job
  • What photos do best on Instagram
  • Why blogging isn’t “dead”
  • What it’s like to work with big name brands
  • People don’t have to understand your side hustle




I learned so much more about what blogging is really all about. I’m even inspired to do more blogs on the side because I enjoy writing. Below are the pieces that I’m going to be putting into practice myself.

  • Instagram is becoming less curated so you have to be creative on sharing real content that people can relate to
  • Success is about your daily wins, and small wins
  • Create content more helpful content than personal content


We’d love to hear what you learned and want to put into action to! Share your thoughts with us below or join our private FB Page Lifepreneur Project


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