The New ‘Mom Style’

When you think ‘Mom Style’ you probably think BORING! That’s because usually we are wearing clothing that is dated, stained, and doesn’t fit right. And there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for that. Our bodies, lifestyle, and budgets have all gone through huge changes. Mom’s rarely take the time to shop for themselves. Our kids are growing so fast and going through clothes at such a rapid pace, so it has been a while since we actually spent time and money on our own needs. We usually fit it in when we are doing a million other things for our family. (I think every mom has more than one thing they grabbed from the table at Costco while they were picking up their giant box of wipes and a rotisserie chicken.) And as a result, our wardrobes reflect that neglect.

Taking the time to focus on your own personal style is a form of self-care. Your self confidence will grow and your whole family will benefit from a happier mom!

My oldest daughter is 5 years old now and when I think about how much my style and wardrobe has changed in that time it is amazing! I went through the maternity clothes stage, the milk stained nursing clothes stage, and I feel like I am finally getting to a point where I can own my “comfy casual” look with the same enthusiasm I used to rock my pre-baby wardrobe. Because the fact of the matter is, those clothes from 5 years ago just don’t work for me anymore. And that’s perfectly fine with me! My life has changed, why wouldn’t my personal style?

The modern Mom Style is functional but fun. Comfy and Cute. It allows you play all the roles you take on throughout the day. From the drop off line at your kid’s school to a meeting at work to drinks with your squad. Check out these looks and get inspired to try something new!



When your day is filled with errands, you need a look that is easy and comfortable all day long. I love this relaxed look. What to look for to make this look work and not look sloppy is quality fabrics in fun colors and a good fit. Pick t-shirts that are flattering and breathable. I love a black v-neck tee. Your outer layer should be soft and flexible but still have more structure or detail to set it a part from a bathrobe. Pick shoes that you love and love your feet back. Sneaker, sandals, and flats can be comfortable and supportive while still being stylish.

Here are a few selections to get you started!





Pro Tip: Use a mini backpack instead of a handbag. It will keep you hands-free and trendy!




I love color and print! It makes me feel awake even when I have been up all night with a sick child. This midi skirt is so cute! But sometimes when I am getting ready for work in the morning and I am rushing to get the kids fed and out the door for school, a dress is my go to outfit choice! It is a like a complete look without even trying. Finish it off with a cropped jacket, cute shoe, and the perfect jewelry.

Get a similar look with these pieces!

Pro Tip: For a more comfortable option, look for sandals with a chunky heel or a wedge, like this one by comfort brand, Naturalizer. Metallics make great neutrals that will be easy to wear with a variety of outfits!






The weekends are jam packed with birthday parties, outdoor fun, park play dates, grocery shopping, family time – leaving no time to change. This look could look a lot like your ‘on the go outfit’. But if you have something that might require an alternative to a t-shirt and jeans, try a soft, flexible dress in a mid length. And for this unpredictable Spring weather, try a raincoat in a beautiful color. I LOVE this green jacket from LOFT. The color is vibrant without being overpowering, making it easy to pair with a variety of colors and prints. Finish off the look with flats or sneakers to make sure you are comfy and ready for anything the weekend throws at you!




Pro Tip: Sunglasses are the new concealer. I wear very minimal makeup, and usually opt of a clean face when I am out and about with my kids. But on mornings when I am feeling extra tired, I hide behind my sunnies!


Whether it is date night with your partner, or a rare night out with your Mom Squad, you deserve to feel AMAZING! Of course that means something different for everyone, and it depends on what you are doing. But clothes have a way of changing how we carry ourselves and how we feel. Find that piece that makes you feel ready to go and do your thing! I like to use this opportunity to wear clothing I wouldn’t dare wear around my kids. So break out the white, sequins, and delicate fabrics!

Maurice’s Floral V-neck Tank


LOFT Modern Slim Jeans


Old Navy Denim Jacket


Pro Tip: Don’t know where to start? Try a leather jacket, pair of earrings, or sexy shoes!



Celebrate Mom’s with The Closet Edit at our next pop-up. Bring your Squad for a night of pampering, shopping, and treats!

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