A New Wave of Resale, A New Concept, A New Name


It’s fascinating what you can find in someone’s closet.

Specialty brands you personally covet, fabrics as soft as butter, brand new items never been worn, and designs that have the potential to be resold. As a personal shopper I see it everyday. Closets full of clothing that people don’t wear. Sometimes clients don’t wear clothing because they don’t know how to put ito together in an outfit and other times, they’re holding onto pieces that don’t work for their body and life anymore.




That’s where resale comes in. It’s rewarding to shop from a beautifully curated selection of clothing and finding that one piece that fits you perfectly, for only a fraction of the normal cost.

There’s definitely a thrill about thrifting.

I wanted to create a space that is welcoming, and fun, that doesn’t feel like a typical resale experience. You can have a glass of champagne in hand, network with inspiring women, and find a piece that feels special. The clothing we carry are chic enough to be in our pop-up boutique and in your closet.





To celebrate our 10 year anniversary, I’ve brought back my resale shop and personal styling business, in a totally new way, new concept, and new name. The Closet Edit is all about editing your closet, curating your look and reselling gently worn or never been used items. We’ve been working with bloggers, influencers, and our clients to bring you the best selection of fashion finds.


I know that selling online is a big thing right now, but as a personal shopper I find it REALLY hard for people to make good decisions with online shopping. Although it helps save time having to go into a store to pick pieces up and look through racks, it also adds the need to make constant returns, and a lot of unsuccessful attempts to find what you’re really looking for. It’s also done alone, on your computer at work or at home instead of with people, getting honest advice and feedback.



My whole thing is that in person connections make a greater impact. Social media has this weird way of making us feel like we are part of something bigger but at the same time feels isolating without that face to face contact and emotion behind the words.

Today I find that customer service and up front, direct honesty are being lost for quick sales and technology. My business has been built on helping clients make the best style choices by listening to them and giving that special attention they need to know they matter, that they are more than a number.



You can find all our pop-up information here

We will also be at The Fremont Market in Seattle, WA on Sundays May through August

Schedule a Closet Cleanse appointment with our personal shoppers here

If you are a blogger and influencer, you can email hello@myclosetedit.com to get the details on our buying process



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