Spring 2024 Fashion Trends You Need (& Don’t)

Spring 2024 Fashion Trends

We all love spring fashion, right? It’s so bright, colorful and fun! And when the sun comes out, it lights you up and it makes you feel like you want a refresh in your life. And fashion is part of expressing this. Springtime is just wonderful for experimenting with color and lighter weight fabrics. Plus we’re all so ready for a change after winter. As your Personal Stylist, it’s my job to help you navigate all the trends (and there are a lot of them) because there are some really great trends and some to stay away from. It’s so easy to get drawn to something shiny and new without being intentional. So as you’re reading this, I want you to keep in mind that you want to buy things that continue to align with how you want to look and feel, not just because they are a trend. Trends come and go but you don’t. So we want to make sure we’re aligning with you first, then spring second. So what are the spring 2024 fashion trends that are going to be right for you? Let’s dive in.

Spring 2024 fashion trends. From left to right: Sandro Fringe Dress, Frame Ice Blue Dress, Beige Theory Trench, Blue Soia + Kyo Trench

The best way to adopt new trends to your looks:

If you consider your style to be more timeless with good quality pieces, you can STILL enjoy trying new trends for spring that keep your look modern. The best way to adopt new trends are:

  • Make sure they are pieces that will take your style to where you want it to go. So if you love power pieces, adding something that makes you feel less-than is a definite no.
  • Find a more refined look of the trend. In this week’s podcast episode, you’ll see what my personal clients are going for right now.
  • Wear subtle versions of a trend to make it feel more like you and less like a wild card to your look.

When I pick out what to share with my clients when we shop, I like to make sure they can get pieces that can fit into their lifestyle and they can wear more than once. I think sometimes trends can influence more waste and that’s not what we’re aiming for here. So as I take you through these spring 2024 fashion trends below, remember that it’s about picking and choosing intentionally.

Let’s get to the spring 2024 fashion trends!

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1 – Epic Trenches

Spring 2024 fashion trends. Beige Theory Trench (left) and Soia + Kyo Trench (right).

Ohhhh I love this! I’m all about layering and trenches are the best way to get a light layer and add interest to a basic outfit. There’s no doubt that a slightly oversized look is the way to go. You want a little more room in the arms to fit in a long sleeve knit or blouse underneath. You can also tie it in the back or keep it open and create a long line. My top tip with trenches is don’t be intimidated by getting them hemmed, it can make all the difference! Think: slightly 90s vibe with elegance. 

I am in love with this beige Theory Trench. It’s super lightweight so it’s something that you can easily pull over your pieces.

I am loving the Soia + Kyo Trench too. The baby blue color is really popular right now and also super lightweight which is perfect for this time of year.

2 – Sheer Elegance

Spring 2024 fashion trends. L’agence Lace Pumps (right) and Theory black sheer dress (left)

Everything from shoes, to dresses, to tops all seem to be pointing towards this feminine flair. If you are somebody that loves something romantic, feminine, lacey and a little sexy you’re going to LOVE sheer elegance! You can mix and match with what you already own easily too. You could incorporate this by wearing a sheer top with a pair of denim, or a sheer dress or even some sheer heels that are lacy.

I have been loving the L’agence Lace Pumps. They are more of a heel that you would wear to an event. They are a gorgeous poppy red and the perfect spring statement shoe.

I’m also loving the Theory black sheer dress. It’s almost a mini black dress. And at the end it has this beautiful sheer overlay so that it looks more like a midi length dress. Such a classic take on like the Breakfast at Tiffany’s look! You could wear this into fall and to multiple events and just accessorize it differently with the heels.

Spring 2024 fashion trends. Shopbop Leoni soft ballet flat

For fun, would you wear these?! The sheer ballet flats are in the middle zone right now, I have yet to have a client pull the trigger and go for these. Let me know on Instagram what you think!

3 – Rosettes

Spring 2024 fashion trends. Blue Revolve Keyhole Halter Top (left) and Pink Neiman Marcus Ruffled Silk Rosette Dressby Cinq a Sept (right)

Rosettes, 3-D roses and rose prints are all prominent in the spring runways, as I’m sure you’ve seen! I love the addition to a basic halter or dress. It adds a point of interest and my clients that love unique detailing to their looks have really enjoyed this additional touch. I think this is very feminine and also just a fun take on roses on something elegant and feminine that we haven’t seen in a while in fashion.

I specifically love this Revolve Keyhole Halter Top that you could wear out with a beautiful black pair of pants, or even denim if you want to, or a slip skirt. It’s a halter top in a navy blue and it could be worn in so many different ways.

I also love this Neiman Marcus Ruffled Silk Rosette Dress by Cinq a Sept and it’s pink. It has a little bit of a cutout on the side and it’s so fun for spring and summer. You could wear this to a wedding, a brunch or even a bridal shower.

4 – Ice Blue

Spring 2024 fashion trends. Blue Veronica Beard Pant Suit (left) and Frame Ice Blue Dress (right)

There are multiple colors for the season (like pale yellow too!) but ice blue seems to be the more universal color that is working well for clients right now. Ice blue is a great addition to a neutral or more earth tone wardrobe. It adds just enough color to change up your outfits for spring.

I absolutely adore this Veronica Beard Pant Suit! You can either do one, two or three pieces of this 3 piece pant suit too. For my clients that are business professional or even business casual, getting a full suit that you can break up is such a great investment to have for the season. And with this piece, I love the texture and detailing to it. You’ll get so much use out of it this season and next season as well. If you love a suit and want to still feel really feminine I think that you’ll really enjoy this.

This Frame Ice Blue Dress is also a fantastic piece. If your lifestyle is more casual and you want to be able to just pull on a dress during summer, add some sandals and be good to go, you’re going to love this! The neckline on this piece is higher so it’s something that feels comfortable, and casual. It’s great for going out to the market, going to run errands, but still feels really elevated.

5 – Spring Knits

Spring 2024 fashion trends. Spring kits. Sandro Knit Summer Dress (left) and Reformation Cotton Cardigan (right)

How could I possibly do a Spring 2024 fashion trends blog post without spring knits? I’m sure you’ve been seeing them EVERYWHERE. Remember that a spring knit can also be a beautiful lounge around dress for a pool or hot day too, not just a cardigan. There are a variety of ways to add this to your outfit, including your workwear! If you get a knit cardigan, it has more weight and structure to it than a regular cotton based cardigan. The feel is more of a jacket and feels put together, try it out for work!

I love this Sandro Knit Summer Dress in an absolutely gorgeous orange color. It’s very modern, beachy and super comfortable and practical with sandals too.

I also love this Reformation Cotton Cardigan which you can wear buttoned up or more casually with buttons down or half down. Reformation has a lot of great pieces for spring and summer. My top tip with Reformation pieces is that they do run slightly small so for the most part, when you are shopping from their website, you do want to go a size up.

6 – Fringe

Spring 2024 fashion trends. Fringe spring trends. Sandro Fringe Dress (left) and Ramy Brook Fringe Knit Dress (right)

Last (but not least): fringe! Who thought fringe could be so chic? Both the dresses below are perfect for spring time, they are stunning bodycon knits with the fringe at the bottom. Even someone who isn’t necessarily into boho styles can really enjoy these!

This Sandro Fringe Dress is so chic and timeless. This is a perfect example of how to incorporate a trend into something more elevated!

I also love this Ramy Brook Fringe Knit Dress – the vertical stripes, halter neck and swishy thicker fringe at the bottom make this a gorgeous on-trend classic spring piece that you could get years of use out of.

Fashion mistakes of spring 2024:

Now let’s move onto the top three trends that my clients are not trying at the moment. This isn’t to say that these looks are complete fashion mistakes HOWEVER they are not necessarily accessible to wear for the everyday business casual woman. They totally suit the Golden Globes and Red Carpets but let’s be real – that’s not what the everyday woman is dressing like. Let’s get into it!

1 – The no pants look

I’m sure you’ve seen this all over the runways and at the Golden Globes. Celebrities not wearing pants. Again, this looks amazing on Kendal Jenner or Hailey Hailey Bieber but it’s not what the everyday woman is going to wear to the farmer’s market or a meeting.

2 – No bra underneath a tied sweater/cardigan/shirt 

Again, on celebrities who have teams around them to make sure they look great at all times from all angles – this looks cute. I loved Gigi Hadid’s look in fall 2023 actually which would work great for spring 2024 too. I love the 90s vibes and the models look great. But it’s definitely not anything that my clients are trying at the moment. I feel like there’s too much risk of exposure too!

3 – Short shorts. 

I’m all for a short skirt. I love a short skirt and a short dress for going out, but the short shorts are really short. Again, they’re cute for a celebrity photo but maybe not for the everyday mum or business woman. We need to know that when we bend over that the world won’t see our butt! My clients are not going for this look – would you?

Spring is such a fun time of year and I see my clients get so excited each year to finally begin wearing more fun, colorful pieces. I hope this gave you some inspiration for the top spring 2024 fashion trends and fashion mistakes! 

I’m here to help you on your style journey.

If you have any questions for me, you can send them to hello@myclosetedit.com; I’d love to hear from you. Don’t forget to listen along to the podcast or watch along on YouTube too! 

If you want some extra support with implementing your spring 2024 wardrobe, then book a FREE 20 minute personal style call. I’d love to meet you!

Build a style and wardrobe that truly reflects you.


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