Fashion Tips For Men To Instantly Look More Put Together

4 Fashion Tips For Men To Instantly Look More Put Together with Kyle Depiesse on the Guys Trip podcast

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to fashion tips for men. There are a lot of misconceptions about men in general. That’s why my conversation with Kyle Depiesse on the Guys Trip podcast was such a refreshing one! If you’re a guy I want you to know that you absolutely do not need to be into men’s fashion to look more stylish and put together!

4 Fashion Tips For Men To Instantly Look More Put Together with Kyle Depiesse on the Guys Trip podcast.

You shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable and settle in what you’re wearing. I know it’s a lot of effort to change your ways, to wear something other than your same Levis you’ve worn for 20 years. But if you open your mind to something new, and you have the right support from a Personal Stylist for men, you can truly align your style with who you are and how you want to show up in the world. As Kyle said in our chat: “for myself, I know what I know. Unless i’m forced into something else”, “I need to be pushed in that direction”.

Let me tell you my top 4 fashion tips for men as a Personal Stylist who works with both men and women…

1 – Try the new piece of clothing on even if you’re not sure

If you’re anything like Kyle, you probably have 5 essentials in your wardrobe right now: black, grey, beige and white tshirts and some denim. So how can guys get more into their fashion? Just try something new! I promise you, when you explore new items you get perspective. By allowing yourself to step out of your comfort zone, you might just discover something you love. You will also find pieces that you know aren’t for you too.

This process is really important when it comes to men’s fashion because men don’t tend to try on as much as women. This is how you learn which parts of your body you want to accentuate, smooth out or show more of. When you step into a new piece of clothing that you wouldn’t have usually tried and you love it, it’s a “oh, now I get it” feeling – a lot of my clients have this feeling when working with me and it truly opens up a new realm of confidence for them.

2 – Make sure you have your foundations

Before challenging yourself, do make sure you have your foundations (or what some people may refer to as their capsule wardrobe). Your 4 main colors you can mix and match between and not have to think too much about. When you always have pieces you’re super comfortable in, you’re more open to challenge but you also don’t get bored because you have your classic “you” pieces. It allows you to not get sick of your closet and be able to put yourself together. A Men’s capsule wardrobe is essential in my opinion!

3 – Get things altered and not just off the rack

If I could give a top fashion tip for men or women it would be this: a simple alteration can transform an item into being one of your most love pieces! If you assume you’ll need to adjust your clothing rather than being able to wear it perfectly right off the rack, you’re going to set yourself up for success. 

TOP TIP as a Personal Stylist for men: If you lift a lot of weights and have bigger thighs, find the straight pants that fit your thighs and bring in the waist. It can be super helpful and can really boost your confidence as well as the wearability of the item.

4 – Understanding your emotions will result in a more confident closet

Kyle said something interesting in our chat about the shopping process. He said that when it gets overwhelming with too many choices or boring with not enough, he will often think “I’m not even going to bother”. This is why your emotions are so important in creating a confident wardrobe because they really do influence your fashion choices during shopping. But also they help you understand how you truly want to show up in the world. Having a Personal Stylist there to get to know you in depth, your challenges, your aspirations, your annoyances, is really helpful – either in person or virtually.

I once worked with a guy who realized that his closet was full of a certain color because his ex partner used to choose his clothes out for him. When I asked him what he thought of purple he said “I don’t actually ever feel comfortable in it”. This was huge for him because it was the beginning of a journey into self discovery and expression for him – and this is how fashion can benefit our lives! 

Putting a bit more effort into the way you show up in the world can be really fun. Self expression is not talked about as much for men as it is for women. I want to tell you if you are a man reading this (or you know a male in your life that wants to work on themselves) that you don’t need to be into fashion to look put together and feel confident!

Fashion tips for men: roundup

I’d love to hear your thoughts on men’s fashion. Come on over to my Instagram and join my community of men and women who are working on becoming the best versions of themselves. And if you are looking to work with a Personal Stylist for men or women, take a look at the ways you can work with me both in-person in the Seattle WA area and also online. You can also book a completely free style consultation call with me here.

Build a style and wardrobe that truly reflects you.


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