What to Wear on Your Dating Profile to get Better Matches

Everything in life comes down to love. The love you desire for the work you do, for yourself, for your kids, and for the world. Finding that one person who you can experience all the things with, that’s magical!

How you Present Yourself in Your Dating Profile:

1. Don’t try to create a persona – Wear pieces in your photos you’d actually wear in real life.

2. Don’t wear clothing you’ve had in your closet for years! Wear clothing that aligns with who you are now.

3. Layer your look

4. Make sure your shoes match your look, don’t just throw on your gym sneakers (unless you’re actually doing an outdoor/gym photo). Get the look together head to toe.

5. Share different sides of you – Don’t just share the fancy outfits that you probably hardly ever pull out.


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