Decision Making: STOP Doing This and Begin to Feel Put Together

Feeling like you’ve lost your voice in decision-making? It’s time to reclaim it! 🌟

If you’ve EVER been in a situation where you feel like you’ve let others influence your decision making and you haven’t had a chance to really share what YOU FEEL … This is for you.

  • Constantly following what your friends are doing and wearing
  • Listening to your partner’s opinion on what looks best on you
  • Having a sales person pick clothing for you without stopping to think about if it even fits your life, how you want to present yourself, or feel

There are many ways you could be letting people influence your life decisions rather than listening to your own voice and opinion. Even if life is super busy (I get it, I’m there too) taking a moment to consider what you want for yourself is important. To be able to say, “I want to wear clothing that is more casual because that’s what I’m gravitating to” and” wearing clothing like heels and dresses everyday doesn’t work for me anymore.” Those simple statements have so much in them; it’s progress. Gaining the insight you need to make better decisions will help you in ALL areas of your life.

We all need inspiration and new ideas in our lives, but you can’t take action unless you know your direction. You can pin outfit ideas and dream of the clothing you want all day, but until you know what you REALLY want for yourself, hitting the checkout button on those pieces doesn’t make sense until you see the big picture of what you want with your style.

I have to do this for myself, not just with my personal style, but with business. I have gotten so caught up in seasons where I let my team take the lead when it’s not necessarily the direction I want to take. Getting back into the groove of having clear goals as a company and team allows everyone to have better decision making and for me to feel like we are steering in the right direction. This is something we had a problem with for years. I’d hire someone to help with social media and they did awesome, they did great and knew all the trending sounds, clips and videos. All the time and money put into their content creation didn’t help because it wasn’t geared towards my audience or even the branding voice of how I actually talk to people. It was generic style content you’d find from an influencer, not from a stylist perspective. 

When I finally realized this I knew I had to take the reins again and figure out how to make this worth my time and my audience’s time to bring high quality value to them. It has been a game changer to make the decisions again on the content, reviewing it and being able to make the edits needed to make sure I like it, and that my clients like it too. Not just make content for the sake of posting something. 

Let me just say it makes a HUGE difference and I see it in personal style as well. This episode is inspired by a client I recently worked with. He has so much enthusiasm for life, discovering what he likes, and improving himself.

He sought out my one-on-one styling services after ending an 8-year marriage. He was looking for guidance on how to find his own style because he’s never shopped for himself. His mom or wife were always buying things for him and he didn’t really care or have a say in what he wanted. At the time he thought “if my wife likes it, then I must like it too.”

It wasn’t until we went through his closet and really talked through each piece that he realized, “I’ve been wearing this bright pink shirt and I don’t even like it!”

As we shopped together, we not only worked through his personal decision making, but I helped him discover the right pieces that fit how he wanted to look and feel moving forward. He wanted to look reliable and competent, he also wanted to feel attractive. 

This episode today, I want it to help you stop and ask yourself, “What do I actually like?”

When you get dressed and are putting your outfits together, how do you feel? Do you feel great about yourself and ready to take on your day, or are you feeling like you’re wearing things that don’t fit you well or like they aren’t bringing out the best version of you.

If you are trying to discover what you like for yourself and you want help finding what works for you, the Curated Closet Collective will help you get there. It gets you away from scrolling for hours, to accessing 5 curated boards with multiple outfits to fit your body and life.This will help you so much with your decision making. I want to make sure you shop with success as you update your wardrobe. I’m here for you every Tuesday morning to answer your questions as you build a wardrobe that looks and feels good to you.


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