Let Go of What Doesn’t Serve You

5 lessons in life and personal style

I’m taking a different approach to how I’m evaluating the new year. Instead of focusing on my goals for 2024 first, I’m actually first focusing on what I don’t want. If you’re in the same place of planning your year, I encourage you to take time and write down noteworthy moments from last year, things you want to let go of, and lessons learned. Listing those first lays a foundation for discovering areas of focus and outlining goals for growth.

These lessons can be in how you spend your money, your time, the way you work, who you spend time with, or what you consume. Aim to write down the 5 top lessons that come to mind and if more flow out on the paper, keep going! It’s therapeutic because it does create a fresh start mentality. I literally woke up on January 1st and it felt like a whole new beginning. I’m so excited for this year! 

When it comes to shopping and your personal style, here’s a list of five things I encourage you let go of in 2024:

  1. Dressing to fit in
  2. Wearing restricting clothing
  3. Buying too many things you don’t need
  4. Shopping for items that only feel “ok”
  5. Wearing clothing that doesn’t fit well anymore

I often feel like I can’t rewear my clothing, so I’m personally letting go of that in 2024. There’s pressure being on camera and there seems to be this rule that to make content, you can’t rewear pieces. That’s so impractical. Continually buying new clothes is not only a huge cost, it’s also time consuming to find the right pieces. So this year, I’m letting go of feeling like I need new things to show up on camera. I’d rather show up for you, be helpful and give you all the knowledge I know, than feel like I have to continually surprise you with something new.

This is something a lot of us on video struggle with and I’m ready to release that and feel comfortable wearing my clothes. I love the things I buy and have no problem with it.

In my personal life, I am letting go of feeling like I need to accomplish everything in the morning. There’s so much talk about the magic morning routine, but as a mom it just doesn’t work out that way. Instead of beating myself up everytime I plan to go to the gym early, or try to get to a client before 11 am, or finish a project with my team, I’ve already redone my schedule to start later. I’m reorganizing my day to prioritize time for the mom thing and not rush my daughter or myself in the process. 

What are you letting go of in 2024? 

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