3 Lies You Keep Telling Yourself

If you find yourself stuck, you can’t get out of your style or achieve what you want. Listen up! Mindset and the perception you have of yourself make a difference. I’ve worked with plus-size clients who have a ton more confidence than some of my more petite clients, and let me tell you, their pant size has nothing to do with it. Today, I’m debunking the 3 lies you keep telling yourself!

Some things are holding you back from achieving the best version of yourself. I know this won’t be the magic solution to help you once you hear them, but it’s a great starting point to understanding that you can work on it.

Once you get past these lies, you’ll be able to feel the abundance of your style come into play. You’ll find a new part of yourself come out as you try pieces; you won’t push aside styles or colors you once did.

I’ve been guilty of being in this place, too. It’s not easy to see yourself in a new light. You have this idea of your age, body, or past that sometimes makes you think negatively, or you use this to keep yourself safe from being seen as ridiculous or out of place. As much as you don’t want to admit it, the lies you tell yourself keep you comfortable and frozen. They aren’t letting you move on or experience something new in your world today.

Here are 3 lies you keep telling yourself:

1. I have to wait to lose weight to look good in clothing

Fashion has no size limits! Your body shape or weight does not define your worth and style. Embrace your current body and celebrate your unique beauty. There are countless clothing options available that flatter every body type, empowering you to feel amazing in your own skin right now.

2. I can’t wear trends from my past

Timeless trends never truly go out of style. Don’t box yourself in based on societal expectations or age. Explore the fashion trends you’ve always loved and find creative ways to incorporate them into your current wardrobe. Fashion is about self-expression, so go ahead and wear those nostalgic pieces with confidence!

3. I’m not cool enough to wear that

Confidence is key! Fashion is an opportunity for self-expression, and there are no rules on who can wear what. Embrace your individuality and wear what makes you feel good. Whether it’s a bold statement piece or a unique style choice, remember that being cool is about owning your authentic self, not fitting into someone else’s idea of cool.

Ohhhh, if you have been telling yourself one of these lies, you are holding yourself back from looking and feeling your best.

We have two events coming up you won’t want to miss! Fall is my favorite time because it’s a time to renew life and your style. After summertime relaxation, Fall always falls in place of returning to a routine and getting things together. Come hang out with my team and shop from curated outfits I pair together.

The first event is for free at Vince in Bellevue Square on September 7th at 5 pm, and the second event is at Prohibition Cellars in Woodinville; ticket prices are $35, but you can use code FINE23 to get $10 off your ticket price. Click here to purchase your tickets!

The fall event at Prohibition Cellars is for both men and women, and the fashion show will feature clothing by Alice + Olivia and Seattle Thread Company.

Your Stylist,

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