How New Clothes Can BOOST Your Confidence

It’s not enough to say new clothes can boost your confidence. When you set up the story, someone who wants that extra confidence boost can start to imagine it for themselves. In the end, the best way to understand it is to have a connection to the story. When you hear the promise of gaining confidence from a product or service that tells you, ‘if you do this one thing for seven days, you’ll find an increased confidence,’ you think, well, how do I know my confidence has increased? How do you measure this?

I want to share with you what increased confidence looks like because it can be different for everyone. Overall, increased confidence means showing up in your life differently, having different energy levels, getting more positive attention from peers, increased perception towards yourself, and so much more!

In each scenario, I’ll also share a story that will help you see the connection of it all.

1. Positive attention

When you’re in the dating scene, it feels good to have someone do a double take as you walk by. It can be a way to meet a new friend or enjoy that moment or conversation. Either way, you feel an elevated emotion of happiness by receiving this positive attention from someone who saw you.

I had a client who had gained some weight, and his shirts and pants were too tight. He was looking for instant results by wearing clothes that felt good on his body.

After shopping together, he got some great statement pieces he would have never picked out for himself. He told me he was in line at Starbucks and was wearing his white denim jacket by All Saints. This jacket was so cool and not something that just anyone could pull off. He looked so good in this. He was going about his day, and a woman beside him started a conversation. That never happened to him before. He said he wished he asked for her number or to sit together to drink their coffee. He didn’t even know what to do. Luckily, that wasn’t the only time that happened. He ended up meeting people and talking to others more freely. He isn’t afraid anymore to start a conversation himself.

The confidence boost you get from new clothes attracts others. Still, it also helps you open up and want to give back that energy of positivity you feel. I love this story because it shows how much we get caught up in weight gain, but that’s not negative. You can own your life wherever you are. The quicker you accept and step into loving yourself, the more you’ll be able to boost your confidence.

2. Going out again

I don’t know how often I’ve heard clients stuck in their ‘pandemic’ outfits and not going out. Well, if I can’t wear leggings, what other option do I have to work with?

Not having clothing you like, or that fits well can stop you from hanging out with your friends or even going out on a date. When your focus is on your clothing or your body, there’s no way you can put your attention on the people around you.

I worked with a client who wanted to start having a life again. She was ready to go out but didn’t have cute clothing and accumulated a lot of sweaters working from home. She didn’t even know what going-out clothes looked like or what she’d feel comfortable wearing.

We explored such fun pieces that didn’t feel like over-the-top items. Comfort was still key for her since she had been dressing casually for the past few years. The clothing I shared with her was enough to take her style up a notch without making her feel uncomfortable. Our shopping trip was a mix of relaxed, casual, and fun with moss green leather pants, sweater jackets, and a neutral color palette. She discovered fun casual clothing that dressed quickly with a blouse or snakeskin bootie.

She felt so good in everything she wanted to wear her new clothes all the time. New clothes gave her the confidence boost to start saying yes more to her friends and create new memories.

3. Getting a Job Promotion

Dressing like a leader is a great way to get noticed at work. Or even give you the right energy as you go about your day. You’ll smile more, start conversations, and feel good about meetings you have with clients.

Think about when you have a speaking engagement or a big client meeting. Wearing something that feels good makes a huge difference in how you stand, speak, and feel.

I’ve had many scenarios with clients that got a job promotion or felt better sharing their opinions and leading their team. One client specifically knew that most of her closet didn’t fit who she was at this time after having two kids and reaching her next decade in life. She wanted to move away from frilly floral pieces and find a style that felt sophisticated and put together.

I’ve shopped with her for the past few years and seen what she started to wear; she is now beautiful. Her style was a huge game changer in getting to the next level at work. Stepping up her style game helped her move up the ladder and become a leader in her industry. Her closet is primarily all the new pieces we’ve purchased together.

When you find confidence in new pieces and styles you wear, with time, you can expand more on them and continually try new things that feel good. It opens up possibilities in your work life and the risks you take.

4. Dating Profile Pics

In the past couple of years, I’ve worked with many clients updating their dating profile pics. (See this blog post by my friend Andrea of Icon Photo to see the big changes we’ve made in clients’ lives). The beauty of working with helping clients through dating profile pics is that it’s genuine. You want clothing that reflects you and your personality, your lifestyle.

I recently worked with a client who never felt stylish. He only wore tees and jeans because that has been his way of life. As introverts, some clients find it challenging to decide what to wear. They don’t want to be too out there or get a lot of attention.

This client was ready to date and meet someone, step out of his comfort level, and do things differently. He knew he wanted help with his style when we started working together. As we shopped together, I read his cues on how he felt about what he was trying on. I also stuck with darker colors and more casual pieces, yet they had great textures.

After months, I randomly received an email from him saying he was surprised and thankful for the shopping experience. He committed to wearing his new outfits every day leading up to the photoshoot to feel natural and hasn’t stopped wearing his new clothing ever since! He booked his next shopping session for spring and is ready to continue building on his new wardrobe.

This email sparked my inspiration for this blog post because he mentioned how he had always heard about how new clothes boost your confidence. He’s going out more and getting more comfortable stepping out of his comfort zone.

5. To love yourself

Would you believe it if I told you that new clothes could boost your confidence in parenting? I worked with a client who reached out because he was recently divorced. He realized needed to put more thought into who he was as an individual. He put so much time into his relationship and caring for others that he forgot to care for himself.

When he reached out to me, he mentioned that he was doing this for his son. He wanted his son to see that as a man, you can take care of yourself. His son’s favorite color is pink. He also wanted to show his son that it’s ok to wear pink and express who you are through style.

The clothing I helped him find was nothing overly fancy for his day-to-day life. Just a great put-together look for casual wear and some meetings for work. A few days after our shopping trip I got an email from him. He thanked me for helping him find a style that feels good. He said how important this journey is for him to show up for his son. The love we sometimes have for our family is the big reason we want to take better care of ourselves.

You may be confident at work, as a parent, or in your skills. That boost of confidence gets you to the next level. It gives you a new perception of yourself and how you go about life. You have to try something new to experience something great in your life.

My team is here to help you get to that next level.

Here’s a review from Dan:

“I would have never thought that I would be someone who would hire a personal shopper, but after having Tannya help me put a new business casual wardrobe together, I’m convinced it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made!

I usually hate shopping – it takes me hours to sort through so many racks of clothes, styles, cuts and sizes, and most of what I would get to try on wouldn’t fit right, so I would get discouraged and frustrated. Tannya selected a lot of clothes for me to try out before I even arrived at the store and had them ready and waiting for me in a dressing room. As I tried on clothes, she’d adjust her selection as we determined what worked and what didn’t. Just about everything I tried on fit perfectly and looked great – shopping was actually… fun.

I got about 15-20 different outfits, 3 pairs of pants, 5 shirts and 3 jackets, a pair of shoes and a belt, all within my budget, and perfectly suited to my own style. Total time, about an hour and a half total of trying on clothes. I highly recommend Tannya as your personal shopper, you will not be disappointed!”

I love sharing these behind-the-scenes tips on how I help clients find their style and update their wardrobes. Hopefully, sharing this with you gives you a new way to view the world of style.

Are you ready to boost your confidence with new clothes? Book a discovery call to shop for a whole new wardrobe that looks good on you.

Continue to build a style that truly reflects you.

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