Elevate Your Everyday Style

You don’t want to wear leggings or be in a full-on pantsuit, so what do you wear to elevate your everyday style (and still feel comfortable)?

Covid has created this drastic change in our lives, and the biggest question I get from clients is, what do I wear for my day-to-day life that looks and feels good?

There’s no real word for it, but it’s like casual wear with a step up. It’s that put-together look that feels comfortable enough to wear at home and still be able to walk out the door wearing. It’s that outfit you can easily change up with a different shoe, jewelry, or a cool jacket. An outfit that looks intentional, like you pieced it together, but not over the top.

Below are my top tips to upgrade your everyday style in these 5 categories:

Textured Basics with Subtle Detailing

Women: Anthropologie Maeve Mock-Neck Shell Top

Men: JCrew Short-Sleeve Heritage Cotton Tipped Sweater-Polo

A basic doesn’t have to be boring, and it doesn’t have to be neutral. It needs some soft or prominent texture and a texture that feels good to quickly throw on daily. The texture makes a piece look like an elevated basic. Another component is the detailing, whether in how it drapes on your body perfectly, where the seam hits your shoulder, or the buttons’ colors. These subtle parts make the piece as a whole look put together.

Good Shoes

Women: Nordstrom // Cole Haan Geneva Lug Slingback Mule

Women: Nordstrom // Betty Square Toe Sandal

Men: Nordstrom // UGG South Bay Sneaker

Even sneakers are part of this category! Good shoes are still intact, pull together an outfit, are comfortable to walk in, and are ones you’ll want to pull out of your closet. Good shoes can be various depending on your style preferences. It can be a nice wedge, comfy yet stylish sneakers, cool cowboy boots, chunky loafers, or a slight heel. A good shoe for an in-between look does not feel out of place when you wear them.


Women: Anthropologie Paperclip Heart Necklace

Women: Revolve Boyfriend Belt

Men: Ted Baker Columm Reversible Elastic Belt

Only some have to accessorize, but if you enjoy belts, jewelry, and accessories in general, this can help tie your outfit together or add something special to your everyday style. Accessories have stories about where you found them, the designer, the stones, the shapes, and sometimes, it can just be a piece you really liked.

Cool Jackets

Women: Nordstrom // Steve Madden Harlow Houndstooth Plaid Blazer

Women: Nordstrom // Vince Camuto Notched Lapel Crop Blazer

Men: Madewell Garment-Dyed Boxy Jacket

In your everyday style, depth is essential. The depth is the layers in the outfit or the added details to a piece. You can wear a fabulous jacket with anything, and it’s like the chameleon in your wardrobe to top off a look. Depending on your style, if you have a more classic look, it can be an oversized blazer you wear with tees and jeans. If you are the creative type, you can wear a bomber jacket with some shine. Trying a crop cargo jacket could be best if you like a casual look. Find the one that you feel you want to wear again and again.

Easy-to-throw on

Women: Everlane The Ribbed Scoop-Neck Sweater

Men: Everlane The Organic Oxford Shirt | Uniform

An easy-to-throw-on piece is an important element of that in-between look. It isn’t overly detailed or too much of a statement that you have to think about it. It’s that piece that, if someone called you to meet up, you would gravitate towards it in your closet because it looks good on the go. Easy to throw on top can be tees, long-sleeve blouses, or sweaters. They’re like your tried and true that fit a lot of situations. They can be super casual or dressed up with shoes and jewelry.

Even for clients that love dressing up, comfort is a big word being thrown around right now as a describing word necessary for their style.

In my own life, I’ve found that my wardrobe is simple. I have less in my closet but more pieces that are effortless. I feel like a powerful boss in a great trouser pant or skirt and sweater combo for work. All the elements I have right now are geared towards comfort in that when I wear them; I don’t have to second guess myself.

It is going up a size and getting things tailored to you, all essential comfort factors. If you try to shapeshift into wearing clothing that doesn’t fit you anymore, stop trying to make it work and get new pieces that fit your body and lifestyle.

Need help with finding clothing that fit your day-to-day life? Schedule a Discovery Call. It’s a completely free session where we can talk more about what you’re struggling with and what you’d like to achieve with your style. We have two stylists on the team that can help!

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