5 Styles to Avoid for Fall

Fall is right around the corner, and I’m breaking down what styles to avoid for fall. I’m all about spending money on the right things, which means making a list of what you need AND don’t need this season. You want to be intentional with your purchases to give your style the update and impact you want to achieve. Even if you’re on a budget, be intentional. Buy the piece that fits well and adds to your outfits to give you more versatility.

Stay focused on a few key pieces you need to update to ensure you spend wisely. I’d rather have you buy something that’s not on sale that makes you feel 100% aligned to your style than three things on sale that don’t feel quite right.

As you discover what to avoid buying for fall, you’ll also notice that specific ways you’ve worn your outfits have changed too! New styles will transform your outfits and help you update your look.

As you search for what to purchase, I know it may feel natural to go back to what you know but let’s try something new. Before you decide if you like something or not, I highly recommend you try it on and then make a final decision on whether a particular style, color, or trend.

Suppose you want to know the EXACT pieces to get for fall and learn more about your style; learn about Style Refresh. In that case, it’s the only online program to help you build a wardrobe that TRULY reflects you.

Here are five styles to avoid for fall and what to embrace instead:

#1 Avoid Skinny Jeans

Styles to Avoid for Fall

You can still wear your favorite skinnies; I know they are a comfort piece for some people. I would highly suggest going through your pile of skinnies and getting rid of ones that are starting to fade or do not fit right anymore. Make room for a new style of jeans this fall and invest money in something other than skinny jeans. There are so many options out now! If you need help finding the right one, you can also purchase my Denim Guide for Fall, which includes denim options to shop from based on your body type and budget. It’s essential if this is at the top of your list—only $35

Let’s get back to the Skinny jeans dilemma. It’s funny thinking back to 14 years when I started my business, and skinny pants were breaking through the runways to the public. Oh my goodness, so many people were against it and couldn’t believe ‘how tight’ they looked. Then the majority ended up loving them, and here we are at that new breaking point again where something new has popped up. 

Pants right now are looser and wider, more relaxed. I say yes, let’s go towards that trend right now.

Try these jeans instead:

The Rigid Way-High Jean // Everlane

High-Rise Everyday Soft Denim™ Distressed Straight Jeans // White House Black Market

Curve Love Ultra High Rise Flare Jean // Abercrombie & Fitch

#2 Avoid Pencil Skirts

Styles to Avoid for Fall

Pencil skirts were a classic for clients working in the professional business world, and it still is a great staple. If you work in an environment where a suit and tie are preferred, wear a new pencil skirt style to update your work look. For everyone else, pencil skirts aren’t a thing right now. Even if you search skirts, you’ll hardly come across any.

Styles are more relaxed. With the increase in business casual, employers are offering staff to dress professionally yet comfortably. Skirts are flowy, midi length, and feminine. There are options with pleats, without pleats, solids, prints, and other kinds of details. Find the right one that fits your body and style. If you love a good skirt, don’t put money into a pencil skirt this season.

Try these skirts instead:

Current Air Faux Leather Wrap Midi Skirt // Anthropologie

Seamed Midi Skirt in Cottage Garden // Madewell

Women’s Printed Matte Jersey Faux Wrap Skirt // Macy’s

#3 Riding Boots

Styles to Avoid for Fall

The riding boot trend is out; it’s very 2016 (unless you already own a pair you love). Hold onto the pair you own but spend your money on other boot styles that will compliment the other new pants and pieces you purchase for fall. Since pants are getting wider, the riding boot doesn’t have a place in the looks you’ll be wearing. Unless you are going to the pumpkin patch, where many people sport the black legging and riding boot look, that’s not an everyday outfit for you.

You’ll have to change your outfits with riding boots out of the picture for fall. No more skinny pants tucked into the riding boot. Instead, you’ll wear bootcut jeans with a short, more fitted bootie. It’s more modern and chic, which means you can do a french tuck with your sweater instead of keeping it hanging out. I know so many changes!

Suppose you feel like you need another tall boot to wear with dresses or skirts; look for an option with a platform, chunky heels, and no buckles. Keep the boot simple, and let your dress or skirt be the statement piece.

Try these boots instead:


Uma Knee High Boot // Nordstrom

Katherine High Shaft Boots // FRANCO SARTO

#4 Suit Blazer

Styles to Avoid for Fall

You know, those options that are so tight you can’t even layer with them. Whether it comes in leather, a blazer, or a bomber, you want to make sure you have room to pair it with a long sleeve and ease of moving.

The cuts to jackets are longer and less form-fitting in all the style options. Find the right ones to wear casually and to work that can be dressed up with a blouse or dressed down with your favorite tee. If you own any tight-fitting jackets, I will also take them out of your closet.

Try these less form-fitting blazers:

Caldwell Double-Breasted Blazer in Palmyra Plaid // Madewell

Maeve Double-Breasted Blazer // Anthropologie

Plaid Two Button Blazer // TREASURE & BOND

#5 Flimsy cardigans

Styles to Avoid for Fall

What I mean by flimsy cardigans are the ones that have the ‘flyaway’ fabric draping down the front. The cardigans with no texture and no detailing seem like a good layering piece, but they don’t pair well with anything. These should also be removed from your closet and replaced with more modern options; you want a cardigan that adds more style and depth to your outfit. That makes you feel put together instead of frumpy.

Look for more structure and weight. If you love wearing a cardigan, you can opt for a v-neck style with more oversized buttons and more weight. You could also try a cardigan in the shape of a long structured jacket for a put-together look. There are a variety of colors this season to choose from, such as forest green, beige, winter white, black, and window pane or plaid prints.

Cardigans to try instead:

The Alpaca V-Neck Cropped Cardigan // Everlane

Waffle Knit Crop Cardigan // TOPSHOP

Meli Plaid Coatigan // Splendid

Were you going to purchase any of those items? You may have felt you’d gravitate towards them at the store, but now you know to stop and look for something new. 

As we progress further away from summer, it’s time to start planning outfits for the fall season. I hope my tips helped you decide what to include in your outfit rotations and what styles to avoid for fall.

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