Men’s Body Insecurities & How to Get Noticed Socially with Richard Meharry

Men’s body insecurities are a topic that’s important but not talked about very much. They are less vocal about it but working with men, I get to hear all the things and also have to work through finding pieces that fit their bodies well. We may not realize it, but men also like to feel confident and comfortable in their clothes.

When I think of the most stylish man I know, I think of my friend Richard. He has a mix of prep and a sharp classic look, but he can also get creative and make an outfit look put together with a combination of colors and prints.

Richard Meharry is a style blogger. He also launched a new business, Le Finale, to help the groomsmen through the wedding process of writing their vows, planning the honeymoon, getting dressed, and everything in between. He has partnered with HGTV, Bentley, Ollie Quinn, Amazon Studios, Indochino, The W Hotel, Timex, Makers Mark, The Four Seasons, J Crew, Gillette, Trident Nordstrom, and more. AMAS continually establishes strategic partnerships and raises brand awareness in a meaningful and creative way. His story is about fashion, and Richard is a Man About Style.

I am grateful to also call Richard a friend. We’ve gone salsa dancing, recorded a video about non-gender fashion, had so much fun trying things on in the fitting room, and been together at fashion parties. In this episode, we actually get to record our conversation, and you can tell by my voice just how happy I was to catch up with him after months.

Initially, we planned to discuss men’s body insecurities and share our stories of styling men in different scenarios. I had just recorded the podcast episode, Moving Through Body Insecurities & Dressing For Ourselves, Not Others. I ran into Richard at Anthropologie the next day. Of course, I invited him to come on the podcast to talk more about men’s insecurities because even the women on my Instagram wanted more details. We work as stylists, and hearing his perspective of how he helps his clients through this was so good.

This episode includes:

  • Bachelor and bachelorette party ideas
  • Who dresses the groom for the big day?
  • What is a man’s #1 body insecurity?
  • Why do some men have trouble shopping or finding their style?

And so much more! Let’s get into this conversation with Richard.

Bachelor and bachelorette party ideas

Since my wedding is coming up and Richard works as a groom consultant, I had to talk to Richard about bachelor and bachelorette party ideas. He recommends activities like indoor golfing, general golf, bars, and amusement parks for bachelor parties.

Who dresses the groom for the big day?

Richard works as a groom consultant, which is like a speech writer and personal shopper in one for grooms. They go to the mall with their fiance, go to a bunch of shops, and hope and pray they get a competent associate. They might order one or two suits but won’t find one that really fits their wedding theme. Wedding planners won’t be much help when dressing the groom. “They don’t have time to explain the nitty gritty of style,” Richard said. And, there’s so much fashion that goes into a wedding.

Richard recalled a fashion moment that wasn’t memorable for the right reasons. “I was at a black tie wedding, and I saw a man wearing a black suit, white shirt, and a brown belt, and I was like, “NO!” Someone with a fashion eye can help with things like that. Details really matter. “I can help you wear a complimentary outfit to your fiance’s for the rehearsal dinner and similar events,” he explained.

What is a man’s #1 body insecurity?

“A young lady asked me my age (she was in her early 20s); I said I’m 33, and she said 33!?” Richard remembered. “I don’t consider myself that old, but I understand how much life is between the 30s and early 20s, so being at that age where older people will think I’m young and vice versa.”

Men have a lot of insecurities around age and want to look youthful. And if they’re not the European body type you see online, it’s also hard to shop for clothes. Their body changes as much as a woman’s if they have an athletic build.

“If you have a belly, look at how Biggie dressed. He was charismatic; he was a fashionable person,” he said.

Why do some men have trouble shopping or finding their style?

Style evolves as men age and won’t wear the same things. They might have worn ripped jeans and a baggy tee in their 20s, but if they show up in that at 40, it probably won’t work. 

“You need to know the fine line and see how you can make it work but more mature. Wear distressed jeans and pair them with a neutral tee with a denim jacket or leather jacket. That can be a way to evolve,” Richard said.

“Remember why you’re showing up. Why am I changing the way the world sees me in my wardrobe? That will help you find clothes that will fit you and your life,” he suggested.

I’ll have to ask Richard back on the podcast; what do you want us to talk about next? I’m thinking of maybe each sharing our top styling tips for fall or even sharing some stories about the most significant style transformations we’ve seen. Let me know in the comments, and we can make it happen.

I really enjoyed hearing about Richard’s personal story. Out of all the things we talked about, I had no idea that he had dressed up in a suit at a conference, and everyone thought he was the guy in charge. Just shows how you can influence who you get to talk to and connect with and give you authority in a place of work or confidence in yourself.

I want to thank you for spending time with me today. I’d love to hear what you enjoyed most from this episode. You can head to the podcast, leave a 5-star review, and share your favorite part. Leaving comments is a great way to support The Closet Edit podcast. It takes less than 5 minutes, and that comment will go a long way in getting more listeners to tune in.

Keep building a life and style that truly lights you up; I’ll see you next time.

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