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Luleisure is the clothing line you didn’t know you needed. I was literally in fashion heaven as I got to try on all the samples from Luly Yang’s new collection, Luleisure. As a stylist, it can be difficult to find designers that not only create beautiful works of art, but also understand what clients want. This collection has a mix of versatility and function, without taking away from the style. You get comfort and luxury in one. What more can a woman ask for?

Pieces include everyday wear ranging from leggings, joggers, bomber jackets, and more. Reading that list makes is sound like casual wear but really, it’s a luxury athleisure line that can easily be worn from day to evening.

Let me start off by saying, when I got her email to have a private viewing of the collection, I was thrilled and honored. Back in 2019, I interviewed her on my podcast ‘It Takes You’ and she shared details about a travel line that was in the works. In the midst of the pandemic, she had to put a pause on the travel wear line because no one was going anywhere. Instead, she attended to the new needs of the community by creating masks.

From this pause, Luleisure emerged and was made at the perfect time. Just like the monarch butterfly logo, her brand continues to transform and refresh.

There’s something special about being able to touch the fabrics and learn what went into to creating each piece. As Luly helped me try on the faux fur coats, the monarch butterfly rain jacket, and everything else from her rack of samples I couldn’t decide on favorites. Each piece is soft to the touch and feels like a luxury item. It is of course designed by Luly and there is absolutely no compromising quality over price.


Below are three outfits I put together but you can view her whole line on her website. There is currently a pop-up at Sea Tac airport in the Alaska Airlines lounge until December 17th, 2021. You can also make an appointment to shop in person from her shop on 4th Avenue in downtown Seattle.




As I looked in the mirror, I felt like I could wear this monarch rain jacket everyday. I don’t know if I’d pull out any other rain jacket from my closet again! As a petite 5′ 4″ woman, it can be a challenge to find longer jackets that don’t feel overwhelming on my body. This one fit in all the right places. The cuffs fit just right and it cinches on my actual waist. Not exaggerating when I say, it’s perfection. In this photo I paired it with the ribbed mock neck sweater and faux leather joggers. The joggers also fit just right and aren’t too tight in the waist. I also love that you have to option to unzip the pant hem on the side to show off my boots or heels.


style revival




The pathway ribbed mock neck sweater is a definite winner. Not to mention, it’s a great sweater to wear to work because you don’t even have to think about how to wear it. You can throw it on with anything and feel polished and powerful. The bishop sleeve and pop of lighter blue on the cuff really gives this sweater character. I paired it with the Morpho Vegan Leather Skirt which was comfortable and easy to move around in. It also comes in black, but this olive color feels like a great everyday piece. A good skirt can be worn with sweaters, blouses, bomber jacket, all the tops you want!






These pants fit so well. You can’t see it in this photo but they are tuxedo style with a black line going down each side. This style element makes these stretchy, comfortable pants, look like a work pant. They can literally pair with anything but here I paired it with the monarch tee and puffer. Seems like it would be casual but I feel like it’s casual on another level. I’m personally not a big t-shirt fan but this this is more of an elevated tee.  If want one of Luly’s pieces that really reflect her brand, get an item with the monarch print on it. The puffer jacket also has a little special something to it. If you look at the front, the lines going upward look like butterfly wings! It comes in multiple colors but this season I’ve been drawn to creams and whites. All the stitching on this jacket follows a woman’s body and curves for the perfect feminine silhouette. It makes a puffer look glam.


I know you’ll enjoy Luleisure as much as I do. Please share photos of how you wear your new pieces. You can tag @tannyabstyle and @lulyyangcouture


Tannya Bernadette

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