How to be More Present and Compassionate with Luly Yang

Change is inevitable. Trying to push through can cause more stress than meeting the challenge and adapting to the change itself. I’ve personally been through this and know that sometimes, letting go and finding another way around is best.


A little over two years ago I had Luly Yang, internationally recognized Seattle-based designer on my podcast. She shared her newest project with me, which is to create a travel line for the busy individual. A collection of clothing that could easily be rolled up in a bag yet stylish enough to wear day-to-day.


When COVID hit, her travel-wear line had to be put to rest to help the community. During that pause, her vision became clear. The switch in her project efforts moved towards athleisure wear to provide comfort and style with pieces that could easily be dressed up or down. Fashion was moving towards clothing that could be worn at home or worn out.

Just like her logo, the monarch butterfly, Luly Yang continues to evolve. Her brand follows her sense of curiosity about the world and people around her. This episode is more than a fashion conversation, it’s filled with inspiring topics about life and handling life’s obstacles.


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Topics We Covered on How to be more Present and Compassionate 


This episode is full of stories that will make you smile and give you the extra piece of motivation to keep going with your dreams. 


  • Being present to take in the beauty of your life
  • How to start conversations with new people
  • The importance of shifting during challenging times
  • The one thing that is most important when finding new team members
  • The story behind the Luleisure logo


Some Personal Takeaways from Talking With Luly Yang


Take in my surroundings

The day I was scheduled to meet Luly Yang to record this podcast, I had so much swirling through my mind. As most days, my creative self takes over with jumbled to-do lists and ideas. We were set to meet at Seatac airport to sit down for an interview in the Alaska Airlines Lounge. After going through security and taking off my headphones I realized how much I missed the busyness of the airport. The sounds of people having conversations, the footsteps of passengers finding their terminal. I had forgotten how much I missed flying, traveling, and just being at the airport. One of Luly’s workers had gotten ill and she had to cancel our in-person interview. I decided to stay and work from the lounge a few hours. It renewed my energy. Being present was what I needed that day. To get out of my head, be in the environment around me.


An obstacle doesn’t mean no, it means it’s time to pivot


I can’t help but keep this in mind as I work on new projects. Sometimes I work so hard to make it go through instead of making necessary tweaks to make it a yes. No doesn’t mean it doesn’t work or people don’t want it. No means, not right now but if you change something about it, you can still make it work. 


As I personally grow my Style Membership programs and Online Workshops, I’m continually learning and getting great feedback. Everytime I tweak it, it gets better and better. I started creating these two years ago in March of 2020 and I’ve loved reaching many new people.

Ask questions

What I admire about Luly is her interest in others. The few times we’ve been together, she’s so excited to hear about me and what I’m working on. There’s this twinkle in her eye and excitement in her voice as she starts a conversation. I admire people that truly care about others, listen, and ask great questions. This is one thing I take away every time I see Luly. I’m grateful for the time we have together.

Listen to the podcast episode to get Luly’s incredible insights and learn more about her Luleisure line. Comment below with your favorite insights and tag us on Instagram @tannyabstyle and @lulyyangcouture


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