5 Fall Jewelry Trends 2021

Jewelry is an easy way to add pizazz to your outfit and refresh your look instantly. It’s a beautiful art form that I truly love adding to every outfit I wear. Jewelry is timeless and it’s best to spend more on pieces you’ll wear daily and a little less on trendier items. I opt more for timeless jewelry and share with you pieces that will elevate your look for fall. The top jewelry trends to keep an eye out for fall include pieces with textured metal, single earrings, long necklaces, thick chokers, and statement earrings.


When it comes to jewelry, it’s important to choose items that have subtle detailing, that make it special. You want the piece to add to your look without looking like it’s a “filler” piece to your wardrobe that had no thought behind it. Look for metals that look more luxurious and well made.

If your style is more delicate….. opt for smaller pieces, less shiny jewels, and more structure. Make sure to spend money on jewelry that looks different than what you already have. If you own 20 pairs of hoops that are all slightly similar, search for another option in a hoop with a textured metal, a jewel, or charm.

If your style is more bold… go wild with whatever your heart desires. Make sure to spend money on items you’ll actually wear, not just items that look pretty in your jewelry box. If you own too many crazy earrings you don’t wear often, maybe try a new necklace to add to your collection.



Love Pavé Diamond Safety Pin Earring // STONE AND STRAND $245

Could not have picked out an earring more delicate yet feminine that this safety pin earring. The safety pin shape is not commonly made in a delicate way which is what really drew me to this style. Wearing a single earring makes a statement on its own and it can be easier to wear a delicate piece. This one has a touch of sparkle and is special enough to add to your collection.



Open Link Gold Hoop Earring // AURATE $70

AURATE has a beautiful selection to choose from of everyday jewelry you can incorporate to your day-to-day style. If you collect hoops, you’ll find a wide variety of sizes and styles too. Most of their earrings are sold as singles or pairs so you have the freedom to pick and choose your favorites without having to purchase the set. These hoop earrings are the perfect combo if you’ve really been into the link-like necklaces. These small hoops are a must-have for fall.



Lover’s Tear Necklace // NOTTE JEWELRY $92

If you love the chunky necklaces but are tired of seeing the same link style on everyone, look for something new! What I love about this are two things in particular. First, I like the remake of the 90’s style with class. The bright blue stone is a playful element that really makes this look one-of-a-kind. The second thing I love about this is that you can take the pendant off and wear the necklace on it’s own as a layering piece. You get two-in-one with this necklace.


Camail Snake Chain Necklace // MISSOMA $239

A reminder that a chunky chain doesn’t have to be a traditional link necklace, it can be another shape. This one is called the snake chain because it’s interwoven together for a bolder look. This is a great piece to pair with a more delicate necklace and pendant. If you are collecting layering necklaces and don’t own one like this, you’ll enjoy wearing it in many combos.



Aureus + Argent | Irsa Gemstone Pendant Necklace // BANANA REPUBLIC $89

They’re back! Long necklaces are in again for fall so you can take them out of your jewelry box or find a new favorite. This one from Banana Republic is a limited collection incorporating the brilliance of natural stones. What I love about the labradorite is the earthy color makes it easy to mix and match with your outfits. Wear it with a sexy outfit that has a low neckline. It can also be layered with shorter necklaces that you own if you aren’t ready to go full on long necklace mode just yet.



Rory Y Necklace // SET & STONES $99

Cascading crystals with a dainty chain for the the delicate jewelry lover. Lariat necklaces can be slightly sexy and elongating on the body. It can be worn with blazer or super low neckline for evening and can be worn with a high neckline shirt too.





Favorite Gold Twist Dangle // ETTIKA $35

Instead of finding a finished clean metal, try a style that’s crinkly and textured. This creates a more edgy look and adds a different style to your outfit. It looks more dramatic than a polished look but not so much that you can’t wear this daily with a pair of your favorite jeans.

Twisted Heart Hoop Earrings // MISSOMA $136

Besides being that crinkled metal trend, these earrings are also a statement without being a statement. They almost fit in without having to stand out in a loud way. It’s a beautifully made option to wear with a day dress and tall boots or jeans and a t-shirt.


Twisted Gold Liquid Lucite Large Post Earring // ALEXIS BITTAR $295

I don’t even know why I saved this for last but guess I just, ‘saved the best for last.’ When I entered into Alexis Bittar’s website for fall shopping, my jaw dropped. He definitely pushed the envelope this season by taking his creative work up a notch to bring new designs for his faithful followers (ahem, like myself). I would buy all the pieces if I could. The reason I chose this one to share is I haven’t seen anything like it. It’s dramatically large and the wire wrapped clear stone looks absolutely luxurious. Any piece you get from Alexis Bittar will turn heads.



Noir Tortoise Crystal Lily Earrings // LELE SADOUGHI $195

I actually dreamt with Lele Sadoughi which is the main reason I chose these earrings. It was a dream where she was selling her sketches and I loved them so much I wanted to buy 5 and talk to her about the process of her art. I got chills from this dream and it took my mind to other possible collaborations. But back to the earrings! I first caught sight of these at Nordstrom when shopping for a client and had them on my mind since. The style definition to Lele Sadoughi’s designs are like no other. This statement earring is one of her most iconic styles she’s known for.


Feeling like you need a fall refresh but don’t know where to start? Schedule a Discovery Call with me to talk about what you’re struggling with and what options will help you build a wardrobe you love. I’m just a click away. It’s totally free, I truly connecting with you and hearing your story. Talk to you soon!


Tannya Bernadette

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