How to Manifest Your Goals in 2021

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Are you ready to set yourself up for success in 2021 and learn to manifest your goals? Let’s walk through some resolutions and how you can use clothes to help you show up for yourself.

What did 2020 teach us? Life is really unpredictable, but we are resilient.

What can you do differently in 2021? Set yourself up for success. That means, showing up for your life like you give a damn. 

When you want something in life, you have to do a combination of these 3 things:

  • Work for it
  • Put it out in the universe
  • Live in the present

If you’re ready to manifest your goals this year, read on for tips on how to do so no matter what your goal may be.

You Can Manifest Your Goals No Matter What They Are

Your goals for 2021 may be anything from the simple to the dramatic. I’m sure that if something drastic happened to you in 2020 that you’re looking to turn your life around and recover from the event.

Did you experience any of these last year?

  • Ended relationship
  • Left a job or career
  • Realized you could live with less
  • Business declined
  • Gained weight

No matter what happened in the past, it’s time to show up for yourself in a new way. Manifest the goals that you want in your life.

A surprising fact? Your clothing, your closet, and what you wear counts towards how well you’ll be able to manifest your goals. How you dress reflects how you feel about yourself and what you value.

Here are some goals you may have for 2021 and some tips on how to find the clothing to help you achieve them.

Manifest Your Goal of Finding Love

Back on the dating scene, even if it’s only over FaceTime or Zoom for those initial dates?

It’s important to show up in your best so you feel confident. This doesn’t mean you need to wear a dress or suit, but it means you should wear clothing that fits well and makes you feel attractive.

If you are looking for someone that takes care of themselves, you need to put in some effort, too. First impressions make a difference. 

Your confidence comes from how you carry yourself, but your outfit will influence your attitude.

How to Dress to Find a New Job or Career in 2021

Looking to get a promotion or start a new career entirely this year? Take care of what you wear.

Yes, loungewear and business-casual are totally acceptable these days, especially while many of us are still working from home. Whether you’re behind the screen or back in the office, prioritize work-appropriate attire that is also comfortable. Don’t just let yourself go.

Be consistent with getting put together every day.

If you want to be respected and also able to do the job with confidence, it’s time to dress up and feel your best.



Style Clarity

How to Downsize and Live With Less

Is your goal to downsize and live with less in the new year?

In order to downsize your closet, you need a good capsule wardrobe or what I like to call a “foundation wardrobe.” 

A foundation wardrobe isn’t just boring basics—you can add pieces that have good detailing, fabric, or style that can easily mix and match with other essentials in your closet.

As you downsize, you may find you have to buy some new items to replace what you had. Make sure your capsule wardrobe has pieces that fit well, are modern, and fit your lifestyle and other personal goals.

Manifest Your Goal of Boosting Your Business and Revenue

Now, more than ever, being an online business owner means showing up visually. This means showing your face more on video and in photos for people to feel connected with you. No more hiding out!

It’s time to up your style game by wearing clothing that helps you step into this role as business owner and take on the leadership role so you can be perceived as a professional.

Learn to Love Your Current Body

It’s ok for your weight to fluctuate.  If it’s not your time or priority to lose weight, embrace how your body looks today.

You’ll feel so much better about yourself when you aren’t thinking about how tight your pants feel or how your shirt keeps riding up.

Invest in you and buy a few new pieces that fit your current body well. It’ll make a huge difference in your self esteem. If you do choose to lose weight in the future, you might want new clothes anyway.

Don’t be afraid to live in the present moment.

Closet Checklist to Manifest Your Goals

Ready to get started on manifesting your goals? Here’s an easy, 3-step checklist to help you get your personal style ready.

  1. Have 3 go-to confidence-boosting outfits: Mix and match items you already have in your closet and buy new pieces if you need to.
  2. Buy yourself one new piece this month that aligns with your goal and makes you feel good.
  3. Donate 3 items from your closet that you don’t even need to try on to know you don’t like them. You just know that every time you put it on you don’t feel your best.


What are goals you’d like to manifest in 2021? Share in the comments below!



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